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Office lOtH and Q St.. Phone 176.
Piano and Furniture WE SELL . .
Moving I A" Qrdea of Coal.
A Pino Lino of Car
riages and Buggies. .
TP Wvn "Want: TPlTsaf.-rnacso Qmvn-t, i-n -r-r
wi i. i i M &a. w uuw .a. aa hiu iriMnn iini u i '1-4 .v rin i in
J - .-WW SVU.X1. WAX WO.
"' nnmmn ...,,,, f
We have just received a line of hand tinted platino-types 7s9 9x1 anJ
10x20. The subjects are "ThePrayer," "Sweethearts." "Colonial Girl "
"Mignon," "Spring and Autumn." "Indecision," "Lullaby," "Carna
tions," at prices ranging from 81.25 up to S3 00. We are aleo sbowine
a line of Pastels, 10x20 to 20x30. from S1.23 to 82 50 and a line of Water
Colors from 75c upward. Our Framing Department is now in working
order and all work done in this department is guaranteed. Don't for
get that we make a specialty of engraving engraved plate and 100
cards during this week for $1.00.
Laura Geeina Mulder and Mr. Arthur Married, on Wednesday afternoon, at
Leonard Ferrier. Mr. and Mrs. Ferrier the home of the bride's mother, 1500 S
will reside at 348 North Twenty-fifth street, Miss Maude Sprung and Mr.
etreet. Charles H. De Ford.
Mies Jeannette Palmer entertained the
Misses Alice, Ethel and Elizabeth Dovey
of Plattetnouth over Sunday. Misses
Alice and Ethel Dovey enjoy an enviable
reputation as singers. Their profes
sional names are the Misses Nebriska.
Gregory, The Coal Man, 11th &. O.
Married, at the home of the bride at
Marysville, Kansas, on Wednesday
afternoon, Miss Lottie B. Logan and
Mr. Frank N. Andrus of Lincoln.
Mrs. L. W. Pomerene has returned
from Chicago and Lake Geneva, Wis
consin, where she has spent several
Mrs. W. B. Ogden, Miss Marian and
, Master Bruce are expected home from
ft Voii7ap1r OYiin navf wAalr
-v.xu.1, wu.v, u.a nww.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. John F. Har
ris, on September 31st, 1901, at Lake
Forest, Illinois, a son, John Francis
Bacon Harris.
Mr. Clarence Johnson
Thursday from Ogden, Utah.
Mrs. Edward Fitzgerald will ontertain
this evening in honor of Mrs. D. D.
The American Savings Bank of 132
'orth Eleventh street, pays interest on
Mr. y L. Geisthardt returned Thurs
day from an eastern trip of five weeks.
Dr. and Mrs. C. H.Gordon entertained
the teachers at a reception at the high
Echool library Friday evening.
LV 'Mrs. D. D. Muir, accompanied by
her son, Mr. Wilson Muir, will leave to
morrow for Chicago, where Bhe will
spend a fbw days before going on to
Rutland, Vermont.
Miss Annie Vanderpool is visiting
relatives in Omaha.
Misses Mary and Florence McGahey
have returned from their summer vuca
tion at Wequetonidng, Michigan.
Mrs. Gilbert Cooper is visiting in
Miss Gere and Misses Ellen and Fran
ces Gere have returned from Seattle,
wlere they have spent the last six
F.ugraved plate and 100 card?, any
size, this week for 81.00 at the Lincoln
Nook Store.
Professor and Mrs. II. W. Caldwell
have returned from the Pacific coast.
Mr. Alex Berger and children have
returned from Colorado, where they
have spent the summer.
Mrs. W. C. Wilson and Master How
ard Wilson returned Wednesday from
Detroit and Mackinaw, Michigan.
Miss Margaret Kyle will speak in the
interest of the Young Women's Chris
tian association in the First Congrega
tional church next Sunday evening.
Mrs. R. O. Pnillips and Miss Mary
Minor have returned from Seattle, where
they have spent the summer months.
MiS9 Margaret Hallett left on Monday
for Minnesota, where Bhe will be the
guest of friends in St. Paul and Minne
apolis. Colonel F. M. Woods has returned
from his summer outing in the Lake
Superior region.
Mrs. Mary J. Willis and Miss Jessie
Willis have returned from Colorado,
where they spent the summer.
Frank Brown has returned to Fairi
bault, Minnesota, where he will resume
study at the Shattuck school.
Dr. B. F. Bailey returned on Thurs
day from hs trip to Colorado.
Mr. John T. Rivett and family, who
have spent the last four months in Eng
land, are expected home the first week
in October.
Messrs. Arthur Raymond and Willard
Yates left Sunday evening for Sche
ectady, New York, where they will con
tinue their work in Union college.
Mrs. Carl Funke and Miss Claire
Funke have returned from Newark,
Miss Rose Clark left on Thursday for
Huntington, Pennsylvania, where she
will occupy the position of piano in
structor in Juniata college.
Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Gingery are spend
ing the week in Cleveland.
Mr. and Mrs. James Stevenson are en
tertaining their daughter, Mrs. F. W.
Drummond of Hastings.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Miller are spend
ing the week in Pawnee City.
Dr. Carr, surgeon. HI South 12tb.
"My brother says he can't sit down
and he can't stand up."
"Well, if he tells the truth, he lies."
a rMMfl
An accredited school to the State Universities of Nebraska and Iowa. J
Prepares for the leading Colleges and Universities.
AIJRD 2VT. WILSON, Tx. X. (Yale), Principal.
Chancellor E. Itenjamln Andrews Key. Dr. H. O. Rowlands 5
Professor Grove K. Harbor . Mrs. A. J. Sawjcr 5
Professor Erwln II. Harbour Dean Lucius A. Sherman 2
Dean Charles K. llessey Professor W.U.L. Tailor 5
Adjunct Professor Wllilam F. Dann Professor Henry H.U'anl 5
Dean Kllcry W. Davis Key. Dr. Fletcher U. '.Vharton '2
Professor Fred Morrow Film; Airs. II. II. Wilson. 5
Dean Manoah II. Keese
Address of Principal, 6IJ South Ilth Street, Lincoln. Xebr.
Omaha, Nebr.,
September 8, 1901.
Dear Eleanor:
Can it be possible I am so many
miles from the spot from which I last
wrote you?
And yet it must be so! For if I raise
my eyes from my paper now, it is not to
meet miles of iupenutrable forest, or a
blue mist-hung valley. There is no
clamor of water in my ears. None of
the mysterious night voices of the
mountains, which lured while they
repelled me; drew me toward them
only to throw me back upon myself in
undefined terror.
Oh! they certainly had a beautiful
fascination for me, those gloomy, secret
burdened mountains.
I think in some former incarnation I
must have murdered some one or slain
my soul, there, and the ghost of some
other self is doomed for millions of years
to wail out its penance between th
earth and hidden sky.
You see, 1 have not quite shaken on"
the spell yet. Like the transplanted
sea shell, yet do I hear in my heart the
moan, moan of the water.
I do try to be more rational. I imag
ine what mother would say if she knew
I am still afraid in the "wee etna"
I resolutely lift my eyes and prove to
myeelf that I can see only four walls
covered with delft blue paper. Oppo
site me hangs my familiar Gibson girl,
a sketchy suggestion of the up to date
young woman, with strubly hair, long
arms and sweeping lines of drapery.
Gibson does not follow the fleshly echool
of art, and it does occur to one occas
ionally that if one of his models could
be taken off a pickle diet for a time and
fed properly, she would be beyond criti
cism. This is a very rambling perontion.and
the worst of it is, I do not seem to have
a single clothes-pin to keep my mental
rags from flying widely.
You need not have been alarmed
about my illness out there, but it was
good of you to telegraph. You needed
to square yourself some way for your
shameful neglect of me this summer.
I was only another victim of nerves. I
was not in pain a single moment. I
really think a good decided ache 6ome
where would have been a relief. I am a
good deal of a chameleon and take my
color from my surroundings. If the
place there had not impressed me as
joyless, the fact that it was tho first
time in my life when I came right face
to face with a deep, hopeless grief
would have beon enough to weight my
heart. The last week we were on tho
ranch I could not do much but lie
about, and try to keep myself from Hy
ing to pieces.
The evening papa came up from the
little town with tho telegram which
meant our immediate return, poor Jim
dropped his taze into his two bands and
sat perfectly motionless for a long, long
time. Then when he finally looked up,
he and I were alone God grant that
be the last time 1 see such a look on
any human face. I gave a little smoth
ering cry and reached my hand toward
him, he took it in his two icy cold ones.
"It I could ooly bear part of it for
you)' I said.
"I am glad you cannot," he replied,
in a husky voice. "You have dono moro
for me now than I ever thought any
human being could do. That is why,
in my selfishness, I feel almost as if 1
could not bear to lose your sweet wom
anly sympathy."
I didn't say much there are supreme
moments, pinnacles of mental emotion,
when the air is so rarefied one can
scarcely breathe, let alone talk. I had
a lightning gleam across my inner con
sciousness, and it revealed the possi
bility of a degenerate in me were it pos
sible to proceed along the path marked
within, for in one blinding instant I .
realized that if Jim Kelar were a man
strong and well, and if that dead girl
who once broke his heart were to live
again and love him, my heart would
The carnival spirit begins to stir a
mong the dry bones of the city. Miles
of bunting in the Ak-Sar-Ben colors
are being rolled, twisted and draped in
to artistic designs, and other than ar
tistic in many cases. I think they have
enclosed more space than usual for the
street fair it looks so at least. Booths
are rapidly nearing completion, and a
lively air of activity circulates about the
corners of Eighteenth and Douglas. I
am not advised as to whether the Lady
Centipede or the human snake-eater
has arrived, but probably not.
If the sky of tonight fulfills its prom
ise, the general enthusiasm is likely to
get a good wetting down. The Knights
have been extremely busy f5r some time
and the parades will in all probability
be worth seeing, especially for those
who have the parade habit. A large
part of Omaha is addicted, judging
Cooper's Manufactured Ice & Cold Storage Co. Office 109 So. Ilth
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