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The Charles Mix new era. (Wagner, Charles Mix County, S.D.) 1???-1911, June 16, 1905, Image 6

Image and text provided by South Dakota State Historical Society – State Archives

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1 P\'
U v v
if a* t«h at
virlto fvectfcmi
power onr railway
to«t by tor la
ft any
«wr If b«
la ratae,
fty at toe nritroade to stead the rtdne
W, HiiiiHr la riwr tt» iMWuai
at tiMir aappllee ltd
fvwar Mag gletato the preaent
4a terattigate, indict, try,
Oten «(wn Ite decidoat at tba
to naatfeatly toeqiiltabte.N
«tteh have
Mam May A«n m«« ttw tight
if nr, aa
Jutle* Ml
righte to air
tba ground that
ot territorr, white
§m£fiitiigti Mf
Aa IMm af totoWgtttte
MflMft & itiMifrff to
W*b ra taa
aotoi MM tba taat Hat
pt mm'ti mwS«i
laneeM -At- toe aataa petae |pri
-If HM 4NHMttJ&>*
•^aa •aa aa«hi aad wa think
tsnaNMa bca baaa aat fiwtb «a aa fi
Mitlln «f what «ui ba
i at, ia th# iMMt 4MHri$«aft of Svaa,
-jini uIhB lif lltl iUiw Mfttfpf fffr¥nli
amdcidai «f
oarraetlM ft
18 Oarttwy-
Adpaal^ ~,y$
Hw foUowiac sratafvl
thtOattenra ftanadlaa
to ftt Cattcota
rtd of
I idMfl b« ^ad to aid ia ratter
aagarlag a« 1 wt»i
wWl btott,
K y
wltb Otfnm
flMlgtt «|U MM
Mb thing.. If I had seen it jar duty
woald hqpe endeavored to coaqnar my
ettngs bet of wm* I took It sit for
granted that mrrthbi was too dear al
ready. Aad air dear brother! I
af blai sad thought of mq ooe,
myself. Cofttd I do more, Basse!
"Indeed, my dear aedsm, I do ant
that aonetfclnf bed
to bate told yoa tfaat^-firat
nalr twitted. A p»
prooMdhtg oa tba part
ot poor MM. Sbarp, It appsara—«, per
haps, some oa* for her for ercrj&ody
saya that aha fealty aow baa ao vaHtd of
Ra dM
ae what It wm
Ihe last decree. I
1 to look a£
ttiat ther bear Wtla^ b« I
had discarded thee* tc*« aatk"
"What a etraase tbincf* epiei Onr*
tMM. MM mm quk* tmOwakmt.
"How reatlaaa we were at lie inquest!
We bad aad* ap aar aiada without efi
4eae«v ea the am faith af eaiaeldeaee.
Aa yen—*o« have aerer Ukea the tww
U« to look into this point aatU aew
•ad aoar, perhape, «alto by Serideott W«
toil ^Mt yaa bad taeecaiaed the
MoeUaca: aad It taraa eat that y«a sorer
•Ntmrttaa. It fa straa* aad ahaeet
wtehed a^Hteaea.**
*1 have tokl jrtw my aiottras. I mu
aa tBare," *xdaiaed Un. Ferakft
*«e» with her flae feeeh ooior belaliteaed
V afcaae ar aager, "Of coarse, 1 felt
aai»—who eoaid fall to do so I—that the
It Is am tbaa mf aarres
bear aad tba coroaer waa not ao
antaalr aa to farce aa. Pray, dM y»a
go, aad aea everything, eb-r
**M*a. INpnttaca, 1 am tbe very last
baa aay right to capraMli
1 failed ia ar daty, far mere tea
la iNRMk. la "*"«•, «aana, it
a thoeaand tiaaa woes*. 1%«ra ia
I yMded to 1 pom,
1 wished to keep ay
al th peer dear, aa bad
1 riwaM hare coaaidered
la aat aar true
"Quite aa, af oeaiea. Aad therefata,
arhat waa toe aaa of yawr gotog to aee
Itf Ma, ao, yoa behared retry w«, Ba*
sal Ovanhato: aal so did I, tf ft maias
to that."
aa asttle (haft we Mb bare doae
•aid Med r«ry sadly
tog how tar frea tbe troth k was. "Aad
•ew yon will WH me what laade ym send
"With ptaaaara, deur I a«M
tor thtto. «r at least fee what I tally
with ?W^r
ho* mach she has «MMfc-^er *0 tain
vm mm tare to de ttait aad tatawiag
what tha apMt *i «ha Mte ta~4
dresa, faWal*, etbbeq* heels la tiM
m&* wr **M to imw#
a taraoat to-day. aad aaa how atach they
had left aaa. Ftreajato aad a half af
a»k baaa w» as wet) aa a thoa
aawl more lsa|wm«ut,m*g», aad toegr all
m^N^ lrber atoad
art m-,mt bm toatu aesrer bad
Ibaa elght palt ot t%n«t«aiajrch-Tom
BHaittitia (tfasn am Car
«j d«r acbeeaa-1 had «at the aacelpt
far tweifi* pair Itoa to* man that add
4 a«iia»d -.to
ted teat ar darliag Uracte pair No. IS,
aaaibawd, as aM of tbeai srer^ doa
«*t#tt. ^Aad so to co^ouad thsaa fak
to^aed^hBasbM, .$ eeme a^tor Imwo la
aa, after her
poer ladr Wba
•f m-
A*torefH,Otl(A IMHV HUlCB 10M Al KI," BIfc.ETC.
«ni.iim»unnTiVMiM! o»eooeeee»«i
c&uRti xra.
IftB, R»H new er *WL tat
•I Mart kw ia aM haw I" fan,
•ad «M cnoMf eeyiag. II tt»
fhea. Jt* iaefct fcaiaM that
aa a great «MI ahaate»§aM
of ay sBk stockings. Now I «te*ak r»ar
ttihrtr Craa laving aa Intimate matter
of that aact atade the wMoat f«Mh
gemfe. It waa adtoer becoedng ,n«r
ladylike. to drag little queetSTSf my
wardrobe iata tba eft afthcaatioaeo.
Already It «aa too orach to know that a
Ite* of such srtWes bad beea found
leering a iaftiala. Mast decidedly I re
faaed, and I as rare aay lady would k
Hw saaae, to go into hard cold wit
boot and aader tba eyes of
of atl« proclaim my coo
fie Itec, altboo^h I hM wrtttea pofit^ly
to bar aad aha aeat a»e a aw
would t«M
ggnivatea it to
yoo I hart aat
or, at anr rate,
Orace waa toet, And
1 Ml aaaeb atfMakea,
ftettia* per-
a mt deal aon tbaa we
bars avar dreaaMd. It woatd sot aarpriae
aw la the leaat. aajtaciaily after what
Mbtr, to ted Mia. 0hav» at
tba bottom of *!l of it. At any rata, she
ar aasmekm by her cao
ieaea. And Iw ivti per
«ea to drep a tbia«.M
"Whr. what baa abe daaar
"What she did waa thia. 9b* aeat «e
i packed to alee white *a
far, aat area sprinkled with aaa de «o
ledaa, aat area washed—what de jma
tfciak ot thatT—bat i»U«d ap anyhow is
paper, the saaM as a
for his tape—oh,
aear believe UT"
was ft ah*
"Net evea tba ertfcie.I
ewa that faiwdlaH «f
iMd leat par Oracte, W]f
ty ow—fcat aa CKr jpabr ef aUbH.
boee, diagntoefa) mm.
Me. Bat
tvm win
bwjtti, am
"My dear Mrs. IMdii I pray yo«
to a» war to be We hare aat
beard all of the 1, aad we know ttat
setTadta who a.e ot a toltofal kbril
asgeato tfiahu to tbrir L*et«r* ft
kaowa bettor. Bat amir, o*r 1 toe the
things Mrs. Sharp seat yo»r
"fen may. And yett aar take ttwua,
if yea tike. Or rather, I ahoald say
that I beg y®» to take theta. They ought
to be to rkm custody. WtH you oblige
aee by them, RaaeC and
faUy laatectttg tkea! XV that of
coarse, yoa moat har« daylight. Take
tbea la toe paper, {to aa they saaac,
and keep theai nntil I ask for then. They
can be of no imporUnce. because they
art not what I leet to Oraeie. Eicept
for my name
them, I am euro that 1
never cook! have remembered them. They
\rere darned in tike days wbea 1
pear. Bow tftea I wish tfeat I still was
poor! Then unbody w*nt«d to plot
against me, and er«a to steal my Stock
iftgs! Oh. Bamd, do roa think ther
bare murdered my darling bccauce abe
waa to ba*e "mt awnefl*1'"''^
"MiV I thiak nothing of the kind,
bdiara Chat oar darling Grace is alNe
aad I bdbve It tenfold since saw
things, I am not ray old to the ways
ot tba world and my Jndgateot his al
ways, beea wnmg toeeeigboat Bnt my
faith ta the fame aa the grand old
Squire'*, thoagb forty years of life be
bind hlia. I firmly believe that, blladiy
as we oonelTM have managed'aeery
ihfaig, all will be guided aright for at
aad happtnees, nw to this world,
Becaase, thoofh we hare daae ao great
goo$ we bar» dose harm to po one and
tba Iisni of Ileavea bwM Also. He
kaowa tint are «nwt ia Him, ao far
the trouble allows as. Very well I will
take thee* etockiags home. Yea rtiall
bear from ne on Moaday. I balk-re that
our (kaee ia alHrej aad Ood will enable
it U W«t ter. Pleeee 4ia, will
o*r*t tear* of till tb«»."
Th* raaac sua looked ao grand aad
tttatag, to Ma faith, and trtwfi. and right
mm, that th* IMr lady aaid w
word, but let her t?ee 8ow, and kiaad
He placed the atoefctags la an ta
tter poefcat, earehmly mapped ia
paper aad he rede home apace to
Ms aatoar aad harh« a e«M oa
$«a all his wettinga. h* porepkad frariy
aad at awry stretch of bis galloping
boss* be waa abaorbtag typhas farer.
Id April, whaa the snnay bad* were
«howing forth their little frills and birds
hat lore -to bop sldenrsya aal trr the
toteratloa of the sprays that they are
piekiag at, were ataoat too bwy to chbrp,
cad baag as ha«tfr as #e«riM» apside
down, abakiac tba flatter of young green
toe* while at (to aaaae tbaa p^ta roared
aloft little eerkaerew tafla, aad acoraing
their aoae rtags, employed them aa thim
blea for making a
ia the brolderr
tarf also whea ta^a aad gaaw, aad
«*ta aad h«»s. aad even the doga were
att, wlthaat knowing It, bagbadaf to wag
wires as tba# walked er waddled,
aad to dtta* ia the son, nad to leak wy
ia er« nekber was there
any an «4a wild ride a boras, witboat
kaowiag hoar, at this yoaag juiep of the
year aad of Hie. Gra
Graee Oglaader waated
8he had mt by aar aeaaa bees bailed
hi the haaatod Qaarry aekber had Ac
aa rat repaired bariai la aoy plava, Oa
the eoateerf, here ah* walked atore
Wooaaiag aad tofrir than eren bar am
and to* apriag --aaa, glistening
npoa tbe «otd tettors of her toahatoae
at Becklry, toe aw was pleasantly
making aad taking light in tha flactaa
tioaa of ber growiag hair.
Her bright hair (whit* bad haaa-ao
craellr ewppe0 laatead of being tbe
tbe preceea, waa warbig aad
agaia ia vaat maitipticity of
te a epeehaea goidea geraaiam
altera, to doable the attmber of i«a tocets
aad to* hMa la th* ^rtog «rf her eya
•aeagb to dtasattety tbe saw whh
owa sky. Howarst, he showed no
dtoenatoat, bat «bd the ytmag wood with
cbe*rf«l rays, aad tha epea glades with
aeerrimsat, and ereu tbe aonber 'heart
af WberiM aaa wlOi streak* of liTeli
aess. For here war* comfort* toat come
la. wlthoat the ey* considering thea aad
gtoaaarea, which whea thought of ty
of being iWightfuL
Grace rambled aa, aa achool gbrt doee
wbea toe heon of arbot^ ace ore*. Erery
aiagte fall ar daa af aatare's wark waa
kind to iter, aad tad hef iato vartoas
rdaa of todoctire auhQoaopby. Vbe
packing aad etijolag of la*t year's laaraa.
mm0m predoaa, gathered to
the wiad aad land ia mum rich
center: tbe Ittiag of toeae Into
MW aaothar atoadarfaHr compaet. ea if
with the batnwwr af a goldbeatar, or the
nakaoara ImptewnU wbeeewith -a ben
packs bar batijlM
•toadiag af
aad ao an, topertog straight as a
tod, aad knobMag oet on dtber doe «m
aea®B*Jr aaatJ^^ttabh*- isal^jee e^rer. _aad
•baaa. aad itex»a«^a«t aM, aal aaadble
of their largfBias. the apresdlag qnictnde
oC great trees, |aat breathing toeir bad*
ea tha air agaia, W W» in 4"harry to
into parfhi at lealsesa—pleaasd
tftaae piwft af soft rerirat aad
•Mraaeat, tba fair maid aiaeeat
forgot her own depnwlaa aad perplcxi-
Once wandered attar mt* ««*et wffl.
witbla the tttoka af h«r eara parole, pbe
knew aha araa la seetwrfea bam by tow
fa.tbar'a camaaad. tor-%Hroann good aad
madtaa aha yearned, from that
to baat haatek wMk att tba aa«
»he araa an food af, aba w*. each
dutiM cMd. aa4 aa toriag. that ahe pat
brr own wtsha* by, aad sailed aad aigh
«d laatead *f poariag. It e«dd aat ba
'varr-tejig a»w, aha waa
father ahaald asm
|tto mmit- taMfct. ifce'ellliSs* »fi»
watot hraUA
««a aa mm bat
beea«4f to 0&9 ysHiHNr that
w|aai Peo»a weat
l^steh herteM had
lb* aoaM aat at aR
aad while aba coaaKwad it
a daty to trace a» ererythlag to
apto awaree, stU thwe are ttaea
it caaaot ba daw aad tbaa the
Thia na exactly what Grace wH
have dona, aad waaid have done, bat for,
the tempting day for a tralr'Veapacte
had been aear her, whaa teat
little watt} a maa whom
mora than oace, bat al
war* at a little disUace a tall, atoat
aau», accordlag to hw distant Ideas af
him, ahraya bnsy ia a qniet way, aad al
iradgiag the 4ia» to toach his
flawied hat without lifting hia
bead, whea he aw her la the wood
land. Grace had aerer asked htm who
ba waa, nor beea within talking distance
of blai at which ahe was almost rur
prised, when dM thoaght haw glad, as a
rale, are ail Oxfordshire wetkaara to
bare a good excoae for tearing oft. How
*r, was far beyoad him now, when
met another man who frightened ler.
This wss a fellow of dark complexion,
tosed ia a dirty faatian snit, aad baar
on his sboalder a thick hedge-stake,
from which bong a number of rabbit
skiaa. Hh charactw aOgtt be excel
Itnt bat his appearance did not recoaa-
Ua to the sgnfldease St tte public.
Grace shrank aside, but his qoick eye*
bad apied her aad, indeed, she almost
feared, from bis meaner, that he had
been on toe watch far her. Be die pat
tha best face oa it, an# .tried to paa
him. Without showing any mUgirlng*.
Bat the rabbit maa waa not to be thu*
defraoded of hi* right to good society.
With a Quick, sharp turn ha cast oft the
from his staff, and stretched that
alimy faaplemeat acreaa tba way.
"Alknr me to pass, If you please," said
Grace, attempting to look rery resointe
"these'are our groanda. Ion are tree-
"Now, my pnrty yonng lady," aid tbe
rabbit aaa, coming ao cloae that she
could not flr "you wouldn't be too hard,
weald yon aowf I eeea a great aany
roaag maids about—bat what be they to
compare with you?"
"I am sere that yoa do aieaa any
harm," ranted Grace aobo^ doee aay
tena to me bat erery one to ao kiud
to aa, Mf father Is so good to all who
get iato ear trouble. I aa aot worth
lag, Mr. Rabbit man honest as you
are a* doabt. But I think I can Aad a
shilling for yoa to take hoaa to yoar
Ta be eoatlaaed.)
Z«cal Color of ZrfMdoaBlrorUMProdact
a* Many Toara' Orowth.
Tbe abeence of (rfctnresqaeness eaa
oot be laid to tbe charge af tbe daefca
opening iato tba Thames. For all ar
aaklod comparisons to sarana aad
backyards, ays a writer in tbe Met
ropolitan, ft cannot be denied that
eaeb dock or group of docks along tbe
aortb side of tbe river baa Ita owa ln
d*ridaal cbaractec.
with tba coay Uttla tit
C^tberlna'a daek lying orersbadowed
and black like a qaiet pool amoag rock
crags tbroagb tba rencrable and eym
patbetic London docka with mt. a sln
llne of rails to the whole af their
area aal with tbe scent af spices lis
over the muddy pavement be
lts warehouses witn toe far
famed wine ceHara, down tbrongb the
iiitereating gronp of West India docka,
the line docka of Blackwail, en past
the Galleons Reach entrance of tbe
Vietorto aad«Albert docka—right down
tbe ra«t gloom of the great basiaa
Tilbury, each ot these places of
reatraint for abiim baa ito own pec«
liar physiognomy
Tha eld story of tba aaa who nr
oa toe rail of tha organ gallary to a
Mttle Western «har«h a placard bear
tog tha worda, "Doa*t ahoot Oa «r
guht. He Is dotog the beat he can,"
fata tetelr baas matched by anaCbar
like it A nun recently
a mining region, where,
ha attended a aarrtca Is
toe oalr Starch for miles around. At
tha atratoa af an organ,
to gtaat dlatraa, readad
his eara, aad whea be was seated be
ap to di*c»*ar who tbe plajrar
Oa toe tow* «f the parlor or
Meh atood tv tbe platfoi
a aaatir lettered aqnare of
beard which i«a4 "Cm* t» and try
it yowaelfr
araa atoytog orer night
Ctol aangh itortog the
tea tkat Iw waa
day M4 Ngh1 a
prewiae for tea
agea at 9TS^00&
*Anm*t than
I ^inarted,
"t«, atelk%" Aa
aaa I hava aa ahdact 1
aa to hart a «hum ta CalL if tallr
caat get tmOOO ahe la winiag to tola
Ha# Oacar has beaa itothrawi ly*
Bt«aalktea —to ttikaaaa
of Norway
Wednaadar when a,
paatad br toa Morthtog
ear (I. atol torlttog tha
to Mewne a ragaaer and ad
tha affair* ot the coantry.
At tbe aaaw time tha Storthing
Its wiUiognea ta accept Ba
ipoleoa Kleolaa,, younger aoa
of King Oscar, as King 6t Norway,
Thaa tha diaaolntion of Norway aad
8wedea, propheaied tot several yeara,
haa finally been brraght aboot in a
regular and legal manner, tie first atop
balng the dethronement of the king.
Ramora that a republic would ha
attempted were aet at re*t immediato
lr* br the tori^atloo extended to the
present gorernoaant to compose a ra
gency aad by the tentatire offer of
the Norwegian crown to Eogene Na
poleon Nicolas.
The crisis was brought about by
popular resentment of Stag Oscar*!
failure to revoke hU veto, given at
Stodtoolm, of toe law for separate
oacAa, D0«BD mm.
consular repreacntation, a
greatly daabad by the NorwegUn peo
ple. it was alao urged that tba fre
quent aad long-continued absences of
tbe King from Norwajr bad aafvad to
Boto countries have been preparing
for a conflict making extraordinary
army appropriatlona. Crown Priaca
Gustaf of 8weden la said to have a
secret anderatondtog with tbe Kaiser
that would bring Germany Into tba
conflict and socb aa interference la
regarded as lately to result la all
tha descent
««pcct and expres­
sion. And what make* toem unique
and attractive it tbeir common tnit of
being roaaatic ta tbeir naefuineaa.
In tbeir way they are aa romatle
•a tbe river la nnUke ail tha atber
atreams of tbe world. The
of tbe St Catberine'a dock,
thaM*world air of tbe IXMMtoa docks
remain impressed upon tbe memory.
Tba docks dawn the river abreast of
Wootrleh are imposing by their pro
porttoaa aad tbe raat acale of tbe ugli
aeaa that forma their surroundings,
Bgttoeas ao plctureaqae as to become a
delight to tha era. When Me talks
of tha Thamea docks, beauty ls a rain
word, bat roaaance haa tired toe long
a poo Ma river sot to bare thrown a
mantle at glaatoar apoo Ito hanks.
It nacasary,
rope becoming involved.
King Oecar, whose great-grandfath
er waa a Pyrenean peaaant startled
shocked hia brother monarch* AF
Europe a few yeara ago by expressing
belief to toe
man from tbe monkey
fatally. Thia expression, ao utterly at
rarianca with
tiea to
belief of other roy­
aemidivine origin
character, was deeply
by royal personages and attributed to
tbe plebeian origin of King Oscar, aa
a deaceodant of Baraadotto, oaa of
great Napoieoa'a favorite marshal*
Will Vast th* BA
A hoatil* FL**t aader th* eeamaad af
Bear Admiral Fraoda
W. Dickiaa
fortification of
Chesapeake Bay
aid the Potomac river will be
of the actual plans for toe so-
called "Joint exercises'* of toe army aai
navy hav* beea givsa oat at either tha
War or Navy Departments. The ptoa
of defeaaa haa beea Mt to Maj. Oaa.
Jam** F. Wad*, commanding the At
lantic diviaioa,
who will
exercise ia per­
son command over the artillery forcaa
that will participate ia the maneuvers.
of Uear
The attacking twee.
plans aad
tloas will he aader th
Admiral Diekias,
who haa
aot reported to*
to* Navy Department aay of to* details
of hia plaa to
hia fleet past the pow­
erful forts guarding Cbesapaak* Bay
aad ap tha Potomac river.
For weeka the army hat
beea prep**
lag for the coming exevciaes. Artillery
TRO^A hava beea
brought from all aloag
tha Atlantic coast to forte within tha
ot toe coming oMneuvers guas
•affarart kaow that Idto
naaoa why they an irritable aai ief^
pr*aed and aarvous and aleepleaUba
eaan thoir food doe* aotdigad, bat hoar
logdridof thadimoultyUtoepuaalia#
Good digaatioB oalla
Uvaerawu, aadatnagtb
EAMAA from
raMou Mt. Baytooa took Dr. Winiame1
Pink PU1 tor the eara of ludigeattwt.
tiny lave been my beat doctor," ha: V
She saiaata p?
rtry inegate aad my ooaiplexi(»
Aa the taautt of adag
brase of Or.
Fink Pills,
the AASTE ot
woman's bat Surely for
attempt to fore* aa entrance to Gbaaa
peake Bay aad attack tbe cities OT
Waahiagtaa aad Baltimore.
For the first time since the Civil War
the defensw of the capital city will be
thoroaghiy tested aader conditions ot
the greataat secrecy, aad ia expected
that aa a result many imports at cbanga
been overhauled A^ pat in priae flght
lag coaditloa blank ammaaitioa for gaaa
haa beea
Fort Hunt and to* vattoaa for-
tificatioaa guarding the city
aatll aaw it to b*»evad the fortUteatkua
be eagagad ia tbe
ahaic war are taadr
aot only to aseet a friendly
gcaeral bwlto i
was entirely am
eothaakfai far
"foe" bat,
to engage
aa actual eneaty.
Neae of too big battMklp* wUl
ga* ta to* aaaeavta, owing TE the heavy
eaat to tbe gevaraomrt
ship* of
Uadar hia
sueh aaadasa.
comaaad Admird
Diekias wD
hare, however, the spread flea battle
to* aaaitars Arkanaaa,
Florida aad Nerada, toe crulasrs Atiaa
TO aad
Kewark, toa ttainiag shlpa Hart
ad Franklin,
the converted racfcte
and Hecaat with tbe aaval atliitia
of Marylaad aboard, aad few of the
HAD aad
faateat torpedo boat daatreyaa
la the
ot toe aray
aad tha aavf
HI AUAY way*
too exerclsa
la tola
wwd tted ab«K h«r
that daath waa dae to
triaoda In Franoa,
I have
theaa trtmblea, and aa able again to
pleasure to eating."
Avaryaimpl* atory, batlf it had
tow tot Dr. WiHiama' Flak POla I*C
MI^TT hava
been atragto one.
oomPxt begins with eating, fllbap
als with poia,
We. jJS
Intervals between meala with poia
a sleep night, there oertai
be much {Measure in living.
dowa mjut ba'
ta a native
Ai^-lee-BUNS, France, bat now reddaa
Ho. *489 IiMfkin street, San Frauoiao*'
Oal. Helsone of a greot munber whe
can teetify to the mnaikabl* eflteaegr of
Dr. Williams'Piuk PUls in tbe treatnm*
of obstinate disorders of the stomach.
If yoa woiUdgotridqf nayoa.palnar
vousnoss, inaomnia,
or anyof
the other
adaertea of 4yapeptfc. get rid of tha
the digestire organs
use of
Dr. Wifiiams' Pink
Pills. Thqr
Proper diet ia, of coarse, a great aid
"What to
forwarding reoorery once began, and
little book,
Bat and How to
Bat," may be obtained by any one wha
at for it by writing to tha
Dr. Williams Medical Oo., Schenectady,
This valuable diet book oaototoa
portoat dbnto on aim plad
Paid Too Knob tor a Bat.
straathaa woman
had forbidden her to pledge bla
•ays TOE London
Mirror, pleaded at
Bloomsbury County Court yesterday
that aa account owing to a firm of
ford street drspert was for "necaa*
sariea" tor which her husband waa Urn
Judge Baeea-Oan a stole be "aea
eeaary tor a woman? Can a eunshadef
Can lacea aad glova at
Darwinian theory of
he continued.
are all note extravagancee,"
te 99.90 for
could get a hat which would fascinate
all the neighborhood. All these art*
clee are net
but auperatraetaraa
on dreea.
must have been provided wttB
aecesaary dreea or abe weald aet bare
put oa gloves. Sbe could NIT hava
waadered aboot to gloves aad a sua*
waa ordered to PER tha
Donae, tbe poet, nid there MU AOO*
more de&doua tbaa a
haaadi ot vea
cof aaoMMta^
_« J*7 nmidy *hto
would be ot aay aa to'aa aal'
of the value of Lvda* B. TUtoaali
kbOaaad trr nrkTnaia ilm litug
ItafcjuL It*lt*odlaciwrag*dtba»I
,aad wheal
of the womb, titat beariag-down
tog, Inflairunatkm of
TOE orariea, back
flataleiioe, general
with irrag*
alaror painfulmenatruation,Trr*lrn*sa.
aad NERVOSA praetratioa, thev
treia one tried
Pinkhaa's Veg
ftl flpoi mBOfMnwB
to kn aar
to write her for adrtee. Hw
Bcink to# vvawl# to vMi te

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