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Wessington Springs herald. (Wessington Springs, Aurora County, Dakota [S.D.]) 1883-1891, March 31, 1883, Image 1

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cNv. jfcDONALb, (Edltora Publishers
TEKMS $2.00
Known 011 application.
Extra copies of the
of advertising made
be procured
•it the postofflces at riankinton. Elmer and
1'. c. ranger, Proprietor. Plankinton, Au
rora county- 1-1
County Surveyor, riankinton, Aurora coun
tv'Dakota. All work pertaining to surveying
vil engineering promptly executed. The
sHi'veylng aiil plattingof town sites a specialty
E E & A I N
LAJT.D and L0A1N
Locatlu a Spcialt?.
Washburn & Currey,
L0aNS» land hid
Loans Negotiate®
Special Attention Given to all Bu
siness before the United States Land
Mitchell, Dakota.
Claims Boiilt and Sold
Kesidonce on sec. 22—108—65. P. O.
address, Elmer, Dakota.
Samlborm Meus®,
Cor First & Rowley Sts.,
Mitchell, Dakota.
E. F. BOND, Prop.
This house is convenient to deuot.
is being rapidly enlarged, has been
newly furnished and now offers unri
valled attractions for the traveling
Mettie C. Hall, M. D„
Residence sec. 8—107—04.
Land Agent
Locaiicg a Specialty.
Dee died Claims &
Relinquishments for sale.
Tennis on hand to locate parties
hunting for land.
Afces at La* & Notary Public,
Wessington Springs Dakota.
Conveyancing promptly and care
fully attended to.
Jiusiness'. before the United States
Land Ollice propiptly attended to.
Dealer in
nothing. Boots & Shoes, Hats & Caps.
Flankinton, Dakota,
C. F, MATflEN,
to LATH,
$ 1
3 I
for the sale of town lots in the
of Wessington Springs, Dakota.
"Wessington Springs, Dakota.
S ji-2
PAPER and!
Perfumery, Paints, Oils,
Brushes Window G\7/.«•*,
All Standard Patent. Medicines.
In fact everything usually found
in a first-class Drug store, and
at reasonable prices.
S. B. CLAltlv,
Dailies, Magazines, and all Period
icals kept constantly on hand.
11\ -U
3ST.A.IS and
Plankinton, 1-5 Dakota.
City Drug Store.
Dealer in
Standard Patent leflicincs,
Physicians' Prescriptions CoitMnded
Carefully and Accurately.
Some of the pioneers of '83 will
predate a first-class house when thev
get into it.
Mrs. H. M. Baker, who has been
spending the winter in Appleton, Wis.,
returned home last Thursday.
A sister of Mrs. D, W. Shryock from
Illinois, arrived here on a visit and
for a permanent home last Tuesday*
The crossing of Sand
One of the first persons to take a
claim in the neighborhood of the
Springs, was Rev, W. II. Jordan, new
of Indianola, lowa. His father, the
Rev. J. W, P. Jordan, is now living an
one ot his claims. I
Miss Ruth Tofllemire carae eyei
from Huron on a visit last week, anil
to liye awhile on her claim. A famil
re-union was held at her father's,
T. Tofllemire's last Tuesday, at wliicl
twelve members of the family wer
present. The turkey was passed to
T, ii. KOIMKUKR. six or eight persons beside the famil.yi
Hon. E. II. Mcintosh councilmaij
from this District has returned to his
home after his Legislative labors. He
did his whole duty by his constituents
accomplishing all for them that it wss
possible to accomplish under ths cir-i
We were aware at the time the arti
cle on "Wessington Springs" which ap
peared in last week's HERALD wa^r
written that it was imperfect—but the
article was put together in such haste
that many items were simply over-!
looked. We shall try to amend as rap-'
idly as possible as we did not intend
to overlook anyone.
DHLINE—AUBOTT.—At the residence
of R. S. Bateman. Esq., on the eve
ning of March 28th, 18S3, by the Rev
J. W. iJ.Jordan, Mr. E. L. DeLine to
Miss Emma Abbott, a!l of Wessing
ton Springs.
In common with their many friends
THE HERALD wishes tlie happv couple
a loui/, happy and prosperous life, that
they may have ail the pleasures and
as few of tlie annoyances common to
humanity as possiblel.
Mr. D, A..Scott, one of the proprie
tors of the townsite, arrived last week
and will probably stay here until the
town sets a fair start. He is making
tiers the vicinity are crowded
overflowing nearly every night.
The following is about a fair sample
of the feeling in regard to division:
"Good morning Mr. A., what is your
opinion of the diyision of tlie coun
ty V" "I am opposed to it." "Don't
you think it advisable for the people
in the northern part to start anew
without debt and make a county all to
themselves?" "No I want to seethe
credit of the territory upheld a $5000
court house and the whole county to
pay the bill." "Which part of the
county do you live in?" "In the south
ern part." "How would you feel about
division if you lived in the northern
part?" "I should undoubtedly be in
favor ot division.
i'U Ii.
Creek be*
tween here and Huron is reported as
frightful, it being almost impossible
get a team through without injury.
There will be a regular meeting of
the board of County Commissioners
on the 2nd day of April 1883.
Co. Clerk/
Mr. Daniel Mitchell of 108-66 was A
^Visitor at the Springs last week Satur
day. Ho reports the town he lives in
rauidly filling up with settlers and the
lain1 nearly all taken.
Mrs. Dr. Hall has been quite under
the weather for the past few days,
caused by to much exposure in caring
for her patients. At last accounts she
was rapidly improving.
Land in the unsurveyed township
west of us—107-66—must be valuable
as we understand that in cases where
two or more want the same claim the
shot gun argument is used.
E. B. Orr of Plankinton has pur
chased lots in the town of Wessington
Springs and will move liis livery stock
here just as soon as he can ge' the
lumber and put up a stable.
Mr. C. B. Clark, of Earlville, 111,,
has been visiting with his former
townsman, Mr. 11. J. Wallace during
the past week. He expresses himself
as well pleased with the country and
its people.
c. MiStee rush for laud in the new county
home parties saw seven aatelo^
in one of the gulches last Wednesday.
An armed force was organized and
skirmishers sent out, but the animals
had loped."
.. .. town, in the vicinity of the claim of C. F.
active preparations toi the erection of Huttcn. Mr. flatten, fearing that the fire
a large hotel, as soon as the lumber can would consume his buildings, hay, etc., imme
be procuroU. This is mnch
institution as the houses of the set- barn, a coi-n planter and eighteen tons of hay
Wessington Springs ^w&nts it dis
tinctly understood that its W of $100,
000.00 and one hundred find sixty acres
of land is bona fide. Besides this they
will furnish all the stone necessary for
the buildings, and what no other loca
tion can offer—an abundant supply of
this best water to be found inside tlje
Territory, for the use of the capitok
Mr. Max Winterhalder, of Milwau
kee, was among the visitors to the
Bprings last week. His visit to this
place was for the pnrpose of securing
a site and water power for the erec
tion of a flour" mill. He was favorably
impressed with the town and surround
ing country, and we have no doubt
but that he will soon return with a
complete outfit for his enterprise.
continues lis' everyWi'e is
looking for land is anxious to get
where taxes will be lowest,soeiety and
land the best. These requirements are
all met in the new county of Jerauld
which will soon be filled with the best
citizens that have come west, our laud
is the best—none can be better, wnile
with the property now here and that
coming in, with no debt to provide for
the new countv is the peer of any in
the whole Territory.
The question of division is agitating
the people in the north end of the
county but very little the more time
there is for reflection the more fully it
is realized that it is the best thing to
do. No legislation can be so perfect
that it will suit all or that will not
work a seeming hardship to some. It
seems however that no more fitting
time could have been selected to make
this division than the present is both
on account of tlTe minimum number
oppressed and the majority to be ben
[From Aurora County Standard.]
WOHK on the new bank bulldiug will begin
next week. It will be a flue structure, 25 40
LAST Saturday morning there were two hun
dred freight cars this side of Sanborn for Plan
Six trains over the road last Saturday, and
thirty-five cars set oft at Plankinton is a good
Twelve loads of household goods and farm
ing implements left town in one wagon train
for the north the other morning.
Six trains, two hundred strangers in town,
man arrested for drunkenness, and a big prai
rie fire—all on Saturday. Big day.
Two trains a day have come into Plankinton
for tlie past week. The demaud for cars is
greater than the company can meet.
JOE Stiffler returned from the northern part
of the county Sunday. He says that a majori
ty of the citizens whom he met arc in favor of
Foil two weeks ending March 24th, 134 cars
of stock and emmigrant movables were re
ceived at this place. What town or county,
can show a larger emmigration within her bor
ders in a period of two weeks
GEO. II. Smith, passed through town on
Wednesday mornings train on his return to
White Lake. George has spent the winter,
pleasantly with relatives and friends in Apple
ton, Wis. Ilis many friends in this county are
glad of his return.
THE mail bag from the west, which was stol
eu at the station on tlie evening of tlie 22d
inst, was returned to the depot on Monday of
this week with the strap cut and the officia
envelopes to the registered packages torn open.
No suspicion is attached to any one in Plank
inton or those connected with the railroad.
Last Monday evening Mr. Peter VanSlyke,
of Clarksville, Iowa, while in Arthur Walrath's
saloon met with a serious accident.
As he turned from the bar toward the door his
foot slipped on the iron railing in front of the
counter, causing him to fail, breaking his
right leg just above the ankle.. He was taken
to tlie Plankinton House, and Drs. Brown and
Boynton summoned. The broken limb was
set and he is getting along as well as could be
expected under the circumstances.
Saturday last, John Decker, accompanied by
his son, and the hitter's family, arrived in
Plankinton enroute for Douglas county. The
old gentleman was suddenly taken sick, and
being too poor to pay board at a hotel was al
lowed to remain in the depot. He continued
to grow steadily worse, and Tuesday morning
about 9 :S0 the spirit of the old man departed
to "tlie land beyond the river." On Wed
nesday the body was interred in the cemetery
oy the city authorities.
Last Saturday afternoon a prairie fire was
vitablc about three and one-half miles north of
had been destroyed. It was by the greatest en
I crtion that the house was saved. 'Hie fire eon
'tinued to sweep over the prairie at rapid speed,
steadily increasing, and at about 7:30
the wind steadily
in the evening was nearing the limits of the
(•itv. The fire was met on the north by citizens
with buckets of water, brooms, andfire-destroy
ing implements of every description, and driv
en in a south-western course away from the
city. The origin of the fire is not known.
The party or parties responsible for the fire
4iould be held responsible for the loss caused
The prairie fire Saturday night consumed
Mr. R. Earle's barn, oxen, pigs, wagon, and
farming implements, together with considera
ble property belonging to Mr. Burrett. He
estimates his loss at §400 and that of Mr. Bur
rett at $300. Uninsured.—Mt. Vernon Gazette.
Peter Weldert iu Douglas county, lost
his barn, hay, machinery and $25 worth of
lumber, last Saturday by fire.
132 counties in Dakota.
"Gentlemen, this court costs the people §50
an hour—too much for any dilly—dallying to
lie allowed. You must not hinder the business
by dilatory motions and speeches. This work
must be expedited as rapidly as possible.—
Judge Edgerton, at Huron.
IT is boom, boom, in the town and country,
THE boom not only continues but grows bet
ter every day.
DEPUTY Sheriff LaFollette has been on the
retired list for a few day. We are glad to see
him on deck again.
DELEGATE Pettigrew was given a reception
by the citizens of Sioux Falls upon his return
home the other day.
THE Red Oak (la.) Express says that seventy
families will leave that city for Aurora county
Dakota next week. Seventy families made
better and happier.
THE Methodists of White Lake have raised
$500 with which to bnild.a church. ..Work on
the new school house at/that place will begin
as soon as possible.
ty will be surveyed early this spring. The
surveyor-general informs county surveyor
Rogers to this effect. A large number of
"squatters" have already located on the land.
Hon. E. II. Mcintosh, of Plankinton, a man
that proved himself to be true blue, and with
the people and for the people, agai»st rings
and all corruption, was in Chamberlain one day
last week. He says its no trick to get into the
legislature, but it's a big job to get out whole.
—Chamberlain Register.
REV. Mr. Murray last night organized the
banner good templars lodge of the territory
with a charter membership of ninety, the larg
est ever received in Dakota.—Mitchell Repub
THE Miller Press says that a gentleman 108
years old filed ou a homestead in Huron the
other day, whereupon the Salem Register re
marks, "probably he came west to grow up
with the country."
BUILDING has begun on the addition to
White Lake on the north side of the track.
Reed & Son, of Dcs Moines, la., have built a
law and land office and residence house. Wo
understand that a bank, hotel, and other build
ings will be erected at once.
The Number of Settlers Coming to
Dakota Over tlie C. M- & St- P.
Railroad Daily-
Associate Press Dispatch.)
An average of forty-live cars of immigrant
goods goes west on the Milwaukee main line
into Dakota daily. Each carload is supposed
to represent a family, and the average family
may be reckoned at five. This would give a
daily addition to Dakota's population of 225 by
this line alone. The passenger travel is not so
easily arrived at as the car-lots of immigrant
goods, but in the opinion of those who have
traveled on the passenger train, commercial
men and others, it will average fully that ma
ny. And this is the business of but one of the
half-dozen railroads south of the Northern Pa
cific that are sending population into the com
ing state. The rush to Kansas a few years
ago, the emmigration boom of the Mantyoba
country a year ago, were nothing to the pres
ent quiet, unostentatious, but immense move
ment of settlers into Dakota. A Milwaukee
official yesterday informed a reporter that fre
quently 500 settlers were waiting at Sanborn
for motive power to forward their goods along
the track into Dakota. The available engines
of the road were taxed to their utmost to pull
in the immigrants and their goods. An extra
passenger train, to accommodate the incoming
settlers mostly, is likely to be put on within a
few days. And this, be it remembered, is
March, and the heaviest immigrant movement
last year and the ypars before was iu May. If
it increases in the same ratio from March to
May this year the tracks cannot carry trains
enough to carry the settlers and their chattels.
The "big nine" meet at Yankton on
the to consider the location of the
By means of an improved telephone
Cleveland and New York lwve been
talking with eacli other.
For an Act to Create and Define the
Boundaries of the County of
Be it enacted by the Legislative Assem
bly of the Territory of Dakota.
Sue. 1. That all that district of
country indicated within the follow
ing boundaries, viz: commencing at
tlie northeast corner of township 108,
range 03, thence running west on the
second parallel to the northwest corn
er of township 108, range 07, thence
south between ranges 07 and OS to the
southwest corner of township 100,
range 67, thence east between bounda
ry line between townships 105 and 100
to the southeast corner of township
100, range 03, thence north on the
boundary line between ranges 02 and
03 to the place of commencement, shall
be, and the same is hereby constituted
and declared to be the county of Jer
SEC. 2. That no portion of said
Jerauld county shall be liable for any
debt of Aurora county.
Sue. 8. That the tax as assessed by
the countv commissioners of Aurora
county, as heretofore defined and
bounded, is hereby declared legal and
binding ou the portion of said Aurora
county hereby made a part of the
county of Jerauld, and the treasurer
of said Aurora county is hereby au
thorized, and it is hereby made his du
ty to collect said tux iu the same man­
v,": 'i
$x r$
NO. 2
ner as if said county bad not been di
SEC. 4, That a special election shall
be held in that part of the county of
Jerauld, as herein defined, which it is
proposed to take from the county of
Aurora, on tlie 17th day of April, 1883,
and the county'derk of the county of
Aurora shall give public notice there
of by causing the same to be published
in two weekly papers published in the
said county of Aurora for three suc
cessive Aveeks prior to the said 17th
day of April, and shall also cause
notices of said election to' be posted
up ir. three places in said proposed
county of Jerauld at least twenty days
prior to said 17th day of April, 18S3,
and said notices shall define the pre
cincts and polling places within the
boundaries of said county of Jerauld,
.^lereiM^ef^ed, a»d~8«il-,cleEfc«if•
said county of Aurora shall also ap
point three judges ot election for each
polling place, and said election shall
be held in all respects as general elec
tions, except as otherwise herein pro
vided—provided that if any of the
judges appointed to serve at said elec
tion shall not be present at the poll
ing places for which they, or any of
them are appointed, then all vacancies
shall be filled in the 9ame manner as
at general elections.
SEC, 5. That the ballot to be used
by the electors within said county of
Jerauld as herein defined, shall be as
nearly as may be
For the division of Aurora county
I'or the division of Aurora county
And the county commissioners of said
Aurora county, together with the ag
ister of deeds of said county, shall
meet at the county seat of Aurora
county on the Monday following the
said special election, and proceed to
canvass the votes of the several elec
tion precincts, and shall make a certi
fied abstract thereof and forward the
same to the secretary of the territory,
and to the governor of the torritorv,
and if the governor and secretary
shall find that the said county of Jer
auld shall have voted in favor of said
division, then it shall be the duty of
the governor to issue his proclamation,
organizing said county, and shall ap
point tljree commissioners for said
county who shall have authority to
appoint the other officers of said coun
ty provided, that if a majority of the
electors of said county of Jerauld, as
herein defined, shall vote against the
division of sai county, then the coun
ty of Aurora, as now constituted and
defined, shall be and remain unchang
SKC.G. All acts or parts of acts in
conflict with this act are hereby re
SEC. 7. This act shall be in force
and take effect from and. after its pas
sage and approval.
Approved March 9th, 1S83.
C- S
... .-it*'
1, Geo, II. Hand, Secretary of the
Territory of Dakota, do hereby certi
fy that I have carefully compared the
foregoing copy of 'An act to create and
define the boundaries of the county of
Jerauld approved March, oth, 1S83,
with the original now oil file in this
office, and that the same is a correct
transcript therefrom and of the whole
In testimony whereof. 1 have here
unto set my hand and atlixed the Great
Seal of the Territory of Dakota, at
Yankton, this 17111 day of March, 1883.
(SEAL) Secretary of Dakota Ter.
Notice is hereby given that a Special
Election will be held on the 17th day
of April 1S83, in that portion of Au
rora County north of the south liue
of Township One hundred and six, for
the purpose of voting upon the diyi
sion of Aurora county, in accordance
with an act passed at the fifteenth
General Assembly entitled: 'An act
to create and define the boundaries of
the county of Jerauld.' The. ballots to
be used shall be prepared. "For Divis
ion of Aurora county, Yes," or "For
Division of Aurora county, No." Tp.
107 and 10S, R. 03 and the two east tier
of sections in Tp. 107 and 108, R, 04
snail be known as voting precinct No.
one (1.) Election to be held at the
house of I. P. Ray, with J. W.
Whillin. Hiram Fisher and I. P. Ray
as Judges of election for said precinct.
Township 100 Ranges 03, 04 and 05
shall be known as voting precinct No.
2, election to be held at the house of
Charles Walters, with T. K, Ford, L.
G. Wilson, John Steiner as Judges of
election for voting precinct No. 2.
Township 108 Range 05 and 60 and Tp.
107 05 with the four west tiers of
sections iiWl'p. 107 and 108 li 04 shall
be known as voting precinct No 3, elec
tion to be held at Elmer Post Office
with W. Hill, Clias. W. McDon
ald and A. Ii. Smart as Judges of elec
tion for voting precin.-.t No. 3. Vot
ing precinct No 4 shall include Tp. 106
and 107 Ii 00 election to be held at the
house of Albert Allyn, with II. F.
Brasch, Albert Allyn and Philip II.
Best as Judges of Election for yotfng
precinct No. 4,
Polls to bo open at S o'clock a. m.
and close at 5 P. M. at tlie precincts
mentioned. C. J. ANDERSON,.
Ex Officio County Clerk.
Dated this 21st day of March, 1883,
at Plankinton, Aurora Co., I. T»

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