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Wessington Springs herald. (Wessington Springs, Aurora County, Dakota [S.D.]) 1883-1891, April 07, 1883, Image 1

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VOL. t.
W. McDONtxb' |Wlto»
.iiTi8jNO.—'Terms of advertising made
lii'inwii on application.
..,rl) copies of ttie HERALD can be procured
,t the postolflces at Plankinton. Elmer and
o. Granger,
rora county-
LAS© aradl I/OAK
LocatQUE a SpECMty.
Atronts for the sale of town lots in the
town of Wessington Springs, Dakota.
Wessington Springs, Dakota.
Washburn & Currey,
LOANS. lamb and
hmm Negotiated*
Special Attention Given to all Bu
siness before the United States Land
Mitchell, Dakota.
Claims Bought and Soli
Residence on sec. 22—108—65, P. O.
adtlrees^Elmeiv, Dakota.
Cor First & Rowley Sts.,
Mitchell, Dakota.
E. F. BOND, Prop.
This house is convenient to depot,
is being rapidly enlarged, has been
newly furnished and now offers unri
valled attractions for the traveling
"SettiB C. Hall, M. D„
Residence sec. S—107—04.
Land Ageat.
Losanoi a Specialty.
Beaded Cain* &
Relinquishments for sale.
Teams on hand to locate parties
hunting for laud.
ttaj at Lai & Notar? Potilic,
Wessington Springs Dakota.
Conveyancing promptly and care
lully attended to.
Attorneys at Law.
Business before the United States
Land Otlice promptly attended to.
Dealer in
Clothing, Boots & Shoes, Hats & Caps.
Plankinton, Dakota,
rnuhtv Surveyor, Plankinton, Aurora coun
+v ivikotti. All work iertaintng to surveying
ond civil engineering promptly executed. The
euivcyii'ir and plattfiiRaf town sites a sxtecialtr
fe U-:,-
Cfl |l"2
Perfumery, Paints, Oils,
Brushes, Window Glaus,-
All Standard Patent. IMmiaM.
In fact everything usually found
in a first-class Drug store, and
at reasonable prices.
Dailies, Magazines, and all Period
icals kept constantly oil hand.
S. 15. CLAUK,
S an. cL
Plankinton, 1-5 Dakota.
City Drug Store.
Dealer in
STANDARD Patent Mciiies,
Physicians' Prescriptions CoiMoiiMeil
Carefully and Accurately.
MR. II. D. Fishei returned from a
Rockford, Iowa, Friday.
MRS. Weems, a daughter-in-law of Mrs. Dr.
Hall will speud the summer here."
MK. 11. S. Batcman is expected home .from
Applcton, Wis., this week.
AMONG the recent arrivals is Mis« Dr. Hunt
Icy who intends to make her home here. 3|1'
MESSRS. Burr & 8cott will cach build hand
some rcsidcnccs at the Springs during the com
ing summer.
G. W. BRYAN and family of Greendal
Gliio, arrived here on the 87th ult their stoc
was shipped via Letcher.
NOTICE the advertisement of C. W
good in this issue. He is a success at
he undcitakes and especially as a land
PAPER and! 4
TUB scarcity of lumber at Plankinton dur
ing the past month has been a serious draw
back to those parties who arc contemplating
building at the Springs, but a supply having
been started from the east it is to be hoped
that no more trouble will occur from that
Mh. C. W. Hill from Stock Valley visited
Plankinton and Mitchell this week, on business
He informs us that he has some 5D,0OO willow
prove the farms of himself and sons in 108—65.
It would be well for more of the residents in
this vicinity to follow his example.
Mn. E. B. Orr informs us that he will erect a
livery stable at the Springs as soon as lumber
cau be procured. Mr. Orr has purchased the
stage line from Plankinton to Huron, and made
liis first trip on Tuesday last. He has a com
fortable, covered vehicle for the accommoda
tion of travellers and those wishing to visit
the Springs will be provided with all the com
forts of an old established stage route.
Mn. D. A. Scott has been staying in Plankin
ton the past week for the purpose of securing
lumber, etc., for the erection of a hotel at this
place. Although the demand has been far
rcater than the supply, he has been fortunate
enough to secuae several loads which are al
ready on the ground, and as the R. R. Co.
have made arrangements whereby more lum
ber will be shipped over the road it will not be
more than a week or ten days before building
will commence in earnest.
THE division of the county seems to create a
feeling of dissatisfaction among a few of those
residing near the line of division. But of
course it would bo impossible to suit every
body. We are confident, however, that
least seven-eights of the people residing in the
territory to be set apart from Aurora county,
will vote for division after a careful consikera
tion of the facts in the case, and will concede
with us that it is the best plan for all con
JISHUY Donahue, a breakman on the I. & D.
division of tluj C. M. & St. P., was killed at
Mitchell Sanirday evening. He was seen
walking on top of a moving train, and a few
moments later was found lying about eight
feet from the track, his back broken in two*
places. No other marks of violence were vis
ible upon his person, and just how he met liis
death no one knows. This is the second death
occuriug in the Mitchell yard during the past
three weeks.
FKAXK Rigg, a Webster county boy, and for
merly a compositor on the Messenger, has pur
chased a half interest in the Aurora county
STAXIJ.UID, published at Plankinton, Aurora
count}-, Dakota. The paper is a seven column
quarto, well filled with choice reading matter
and containing a liberal display of home ad
vertisements. The general make-up of the
paper throughout is good. In politics the pa
per is staunch Republican, which exactly ag
rees with Frank's political complexion. We
wish the proprietors of the STANDARD success
and prosperity.—Ft. Dodge (la.) Messenger.
THE following is a list of the Grand Jurors
drawn for the term of court to be convened at
Plankinton on the Oth inst:
C. J. Elison, M. J. Thornton, J. J. Hopper,
(i. W. Mathews, M. C. Ayers, Geo. James, J.
C. Palmer, Rees Jones, E. Furgeson, A. D.
(irilfin, Andrew O Severson, M. E. Pease,
lleury Davlin, Henry RuS, L. Vaudcrmeer,
and T. S. Lurncy.
The following, drawn for the same term, are
Henry Dexlieimcr, J. E. Doane, Adam Foss,
Oscar Henry, J. C. Twogood, S. F. Benson, H.
M. Travis, Anton Erne, James Clark, O. T.
Howell, Peter Klink, P. D. Burton, A. G.
Goodykoontz, John DeVelder, G. Travels, A.
D. Williams and John W. Anderson.
.4 5 r"
REV. W. H. Jordan, of Indlanolo, Iowa,
been visiting with his father's family
and looking after his claims.
GEO. Chapman, a son of the "Village B!
smith," and Mr. Andrew Bales at 8tanjtoi
Iowa, were among the visitors to tSe Spring^
this week.
MESSRS. Reed and Akin have a number of
choice relinquishments for sale in the new
county, and those desiring good clalrito should
give them a call.
MEN with teams wishing employment can be
accommodated with plenty of workj »«nHng
lumber from Plankinton to Wessington Springs
for the new buildings to be erecte^ at' thb
CLAIMS that have heretofore been nrelcsslj
looked after are now being gobbled up^apidl^
The only wish we have to express is tibat pa
tics who have been unable to get the.
work done may not be put tounnecei
ble.bj- having their claims contested, -jp
Wc understand that MrrW. T.
about 50 bushels of .flax on his
northern part of the county this
is a paying crop and'if the flax-mill' ii
as contemplated at Wessington SpdngB, fne
that will pay two-fold as both the seed tod
straw will be valuable.
«-!s.'Sa!sw Tum^f
several stormy days of last week may
ounted for upon the theory that we have
Wiggins in our midst.
enstern paper tells of a child dying from
«e-effects of eating several leaves from an al
•wnw- They were probably from Wiggins'
ibook and contained his whopper about the big
The stomach that could digest such
lln enormous lie would have to be iron-clad
(From Aurora County Standard.)
^Aurora, after it is divided, will poll 500 more
IpfeB thfa fall than Davidson county will.
IfIE*0 additional post-office boxes
SHfJ be put In as soon as additional room is se
yEdgerton has given an order for a
of«ourt at this place, commencing Mon
eeessary for finishing the jCo»
church has been subscribed and
vryfrk has already commenced.
B. Scott, one of the proprietors of the
iwn site at Wessington Springs was in town
iring several days the forepart of the week.
THIRTEEN teachers were examined by Su
trintendent Owen Tuesday, and wc believe
Marly all have securcd schools in this county.
GOVERNMENT land is becoming almost a
mmodityof the past iu this vicinity, but re
linquishments are still sold at
reasonable lig-
THBRE was a rush to get the first pail of
water from the new well Monday. Harry
Hunt came in first with Bob. Welch a good
MR. S. F. Boynton has bought Mr. C. Thom
son's feed store and has opened out with a
large stock of grain, feed, etc. Call and get
JUDGE Smith is making preparations to
build a residence east of town, and from the
outlook over 100 residences will be built in our
city ere fall.
IF you want to see the roll of the "human
wave" that Hadley speaks about just stand at
the door of a Plankinton hotel dining-room
and wait till the landlord says "dinner."
HOOPER Bros. & Robey of Mt. Vernon have
issued a land Journal.—Chamberlain- Register,
We object. The above enterprising firm is
located at White Lake, Aurora County.
THOSE who want division in the northern
part of the county had better be up and doing
or else they will be defeated, for there arc em
iserles in the field setting up the pins for its
Plankinton is rapidly assuming metropoli
tan airs. A railroad ticket brokerage business
is the latest addition. The proclamation in
the window reads, "Railroad tickets bought
and sold."
Saturday April 7th at 2 p. m. The subject of
wheat raising will be discussed in relation to
its advantages and the best methods of cultiva
MESSRS. Auld and Schoonover, together
with their families, have moved on their
claims north of town. Mr. Auld will continue
business at his old stand, and we tire in hopes
of seeing all of the parties back at Plankintou
THE demand for lumber in this place was
clearly demonstrated at the depot last Mon
day. Surrounding a car of lumber were twen
ty-eight meu and teams. Each seemed anx
ious to have his wagon loaded first, and as the
lucky man pulled out with his load there was a
general rush for the car door.
MR. A. L. Eager returned from the north
part of the county Tuesday having built a
house on the claim of his sister, Miss Lucinda
Eager, of Marion City, la., who arrived in the
city a few days ago. Miss Eager has returned
to Marion City to settle her affairs there, and
will as soon as possible become a permanent
resident of our grand county.
How We Favor Division-
To the Editors of the HERALD.
At an adjourned school meeting April 3,
1883, held at the school house in district No. 6.
in 105-63, one mile south of Parsons P. O.,
there being some thirty voters present, the
question of the division of Aurora Co., was
sprang, and the meeting re-organized by elect
ing J. T. S. Irons, chairman and L. G. Wilsou,
The object of the meeting as stated by the
chair was to take steps to prevent the division
of said county as proposed.
On motion of O. Billings the chair was in
structed to appoint a committee of ten to
draft resolutions, and report at once. The fol
lowing named gentlemen were placed upon
said committee:
M. A. Brown, E. C. Bristol, Jos. Steichen,
Jay Thompson, Fred Strasser, O. Billings, F.
Keiser, J. A. Young, Fred Primmer, R. C. Sol
After due deliberation the committee made
the following report which was unanimously
AVhereas, The question of the division of
Aurora county was originated, and carried out
by a few, and without the assent or even the
knowledge of the majority of voters and tax
payers interested.
And Whereas, We consider it an act of great
injustice to ourselves and neighbors, and feal
ing ourselves aggrieved and that our rights
have not been regarded.
Therefore, Resolved, That we most heartily
oppose division as proposed, and we pledge
ourselves to use all honorable means to that
And be it further Resolved, That each and
every voter present cousider himself and is
hereby appointed, a committee of one, to work
for the unity of the county and against divi
On motion of E. C. Bristol a meeting was
called for April 14th to be held at the house of
,W. A. Morrell, seven miles north of Parsons
P. O. on 35-107-04 to further consider this ques
tion and an earnest invitation is extended to
every voter interested to be present at 1 p.
.,.. U*V *"«"•*«r-
t* ,.
(I '0^4' .,
The following by J. T. S. Irons was heartily
Resolved, That a copy of these proceedings
and resolutions be sent to each paper pub
lished in Aurora county and also to the Letch­
er Blade—with the request that it appear in
their next issue. On motion adjourned.
L. G. WitsoN, J. T. S. IRONS,
Secretary. Chairman.
While the HEIIALO is in favor of the divi
the county it is willing to publish the
opinions of others who do not look at the mat
ter in the same light. It seems that consider
able feeling has been engendered, by outside
parties, among the citizens in the townships
on 106. It seems to us that the people who arc
fighting this question are doing so in direct
conflict with the best interest of 'both sections
of the county. Every man who is open to rea
son and will lay aside his own personal ends
and aims of what lie might do should the coun
ty be not divided, must admit that it is an im
possibility for the county to remain together
longer than two years more, and as division is
a certainty in the near future under any and
all circumstances, can any man advance any
good rejlsc^B why division is not better at the
present time than-in two v"ear?.. The* J^vteipii^
as contemplated is in justice to all anu if it'
was not for the insane idea held by a few on
the line of division that if they can succeed in'
holding the county together the seat may be
moved to that vicinity. This is probably the
venom that is coming to the surface in the af
fair, but'thcir visionary project will be transi
tory as the result on the 17th of April will di
vide the eounty without a doubt.
'Sullivan Inklings-
James McCarter is able to be out again after
about two week's illness, caused by falling
from a horse.
A. V. Custer, Miss Laura King and Miss
Mary Junker, of Marion, Indiana, arrived here
last week. All have commenced buildings on
their claims and will soon be our welcome
Mr. David Bryant, of the same place, arrived
a few days ago with stock and household
goods, and will-made another Jerauld county
Thad Goodwin is again with his father, hav
ing spent the winter in Iowa.
As far as heard from all are very well satisfi
ed with the division of the county. Now let
us all vote. DAD'S BOY, JR.
The secretrry of the interior is out
in a timely warning to the cattle-herd
ins squBtters on the frontier prairies.
He informs lliese lordly gentlemen
that they are welcome to the grass 011
all government land, but if they pre
sume to fence up any part
4 1 1
Sam's farm with the idea that they
may acquire an exclusive right to the
pasturage thus inclosed, tliev are in
the wrong box, and will be prosecuted
on complaint of any uerson molested
in th« exercise oj! »he right of common
use oC gracing privileges.
Senator Edmonds having been men
tioned as a presidential possibility
li m^the'
Ti or r°i
wealthy. The Democratic idea seems
to be that all the honor is in the poor
The gun that has so long been stack
ed in the Ordway .arsenal marked—
Press and Dakotaian—for spoils,"—
lu.s bet-n taken away and now stands
behind a desk in a Yankton newspa
per office, loaded for the first man who
undertakes to move the territorial rec
ords from that once proud city.
Joseph G. Chandler has been ap
pointed receiver at the land oliice in
Frank Hirshstein, a wholesale liquor
dealer of Yankton, shot himself fatal
ly Monday. The cause is gloom, as
bordering on insanity.-
i\n exchange figurs that there are
102 drinks of whiskey in bond for ey
man, woman and child in the United
States. This is encouraging news to
the Democratic party, the average
imbiber of which is furnished proof
positive that there is enough on hand
for "smiles" for at least Ave days,
whenever he can get it.
For on Act to Create and Define the
Boundaries of the Connty of
Be it enacted by the Ler/islative Assem
bly of the Territory of Dakota.
SEC. 1. That all that district of
country indicated within the follow
ing boundaries, viz: commencing at
the northeast corner of township 108,
range 63, thence running west on the
second parallel to the northwest corn
er of township 108, range 67, thence
south between ranges 67 and 6S to the
southwest corner of township 106,
range 67, thence east between bounda
ry line between townships 105 and 106
to the southeast corner of township
106, range 63, thence north 011 the
boundary line between ranges 62 and
63 to the place of commencement, shall
be, and the same is hereby constituted
and declared to be the county of Jer
SEC. 2. That 110 portion of said
Jerauld county shall be. liable for any
debt of Aurora county.
SEC. 3. That the tax as assessed by
the county commissioners -of Aurora
county, as heretofore defined and
bounded, is hereby declared legal and
binding on the portion of said Aurora
county hereby made a part of the
county of Jerauld, and the treasurer
of said Aurora county is hereby au
thorized, and it is hereby made his du
ty to collect said tax in the same man-
i. \. I A A.
NO. 3
ner as if said county had not been di
SEC. 4. T.liat a special election shall
be.held in that part of the county of
Jerauld, as herein defined, whi£ it is
proposed to take from the county of
Aurora, 011 the 17th day of April 1883,
and the county clerk of the county of
Aurora shall give public notice there
of by causing the same, to be published
in two weekly papers published in the
said county of Aurora for three suc
cessive weeks prior to the paid 17th
day of April, and shall also cause
notices of said election to' be posted
up ir. three places in is aid proposed j{|
county of Jerauld at least twenty days
prior to said 17th day of April, 18S3,
and said notices shall define' the, pre
cincts and polling places within the
4jo,uiitorIes .of feaic! Jerauld, "BA
said county of. Aurora shall also ap-
point three judges ot eledtioh iior each 1
polling place, and said election §hall
be held in all respacts ns general elec
tions, except as otherwise herein pro
vided—provided that if any of the
udges appointed to serve at said elec
tion shall not be present, at'the poll
ing places for which they, or any of
them are appointed, then all vacancies
shall be filled in the same manner as
at general elections.
SE\ 5. That the ballot to be used
by the electors within said county of
Jerauld as herein defined, shall be as
nearly as mav be
For the division of Aurora county
For the division of Aurora, county
'no.'" -r
And the county commissioners of said
Aurora county, together with the reg
ister oi' deeds of said county, shall
meet at the. county' seat of Aurora
county on tliQ Monday following the
said special, election, and proceed to
canvass the votes of the several elec
tion precincts, and shall make a certi
fied abstract thereof anil forward the
same to the secretary of thavtdi'ritory,
and to the governor of the'.territory,
and if the governor and secretary
shall find-that, the said county of Jer
auld shalf have voted in favor of said
divisi6)i',!then it shall be the duty of
the governor, to, issue his proclamation
organizing said county, and shall ap
point three commissioners for said
Oounty who shall have authority to
..appoint the other officers of said—
electors of said county of Jerauld, as
herein defined, shall vote against the
division of sai l, county, then the coun
ty of Aurora, as now constituted and
defined, shall be and remain unchang
SEC.0. All acts or parts of acts in
conllict with this act are hereby re
7. This act shall be in forje
and take effect from and after its pas
sage and approval.
Approved March Oth, 1883.
1, Geo, II. Hand, Secretary of the
Territory of Dakota, do hereby certi
fy that I have carefully compared the
foregoing copy of 'An act to create and
define the boundaries of the county of
Jerauld approved March, oth, 1SS3,
with the original now 011 file in this
oflice, and that the same is a correct
transcript therefrom and of the whole
In testimony whereof. 1 have here
unto set my hand and affixed the Great
Seal of the Territory of Dakota, at
Yankton, this 17th day of March, 1S83.
(SEAlO'iif*': Secretary of Dakota Ter.
Notice is hereby given that a Special
Election will be held on the 17tli day
of April 18S3, in that portion of Au
rora County north of the south line
of Township One hundred and six, for
the purpose of voting upon the diyi
sion of Aurora county, in accordance
with an act passed at the fifteenth
General Assembly entitled: 'An act
to create and define the boundaries of
the county of Jerauld.' The ballots to
be used shall he prepared, "For Divis
ion of Aurora county, .Yes," or "For
Division of Aurora county, No." Tp.
107 and 10S, li. 63 and the two east tier
of sections in Tp, 107 and 108, R, 64
shall be known as voting precinct No.
one (1.) Election to be held- at the
house of I. P. Ray, with J. W.
Whiffin. Hiram Fisher and I. P. Ray
as Judges of election for said precinct-.
Township 106 Ranges 63, 04 and 65
shall be known as voting precinct No.
2. election to be held at the house of
Charles Walters, with T. K, Ford, L.
G. Wilson, John Steiner as Judges of
election for voting precinct No. 2.
Township 10s Range G5 and 66 and Tp.
107 65 with the four west tiers of
sections in Tp. 107 and 108 64 shall
be known as voting precinct No 3, elec
tion to be held at Elmer Post Office
with C. W. Hill, Clias. SV. McDon
aid and A. 15. Smart as Judges of elec
tion for voting precinct No. 3. Vot
ing precinct No 4 shall include Tp. 106
and 107 66 election to be held at the
house of Albert Allyn, with II. F.
Urascli, Albert Allyn and Philip II.
Best as Judges of Election for voting
precinct No. 4,
Polls to be open at S o'clock a. m.
and close at 5 P. M. at the precincts
mentioned. C. J.
Ex Officio County Clerk.
Dated this 21st day of March, 1883,
at Plankinton, Aurora Co, D. T.

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