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Wessington Springs herald. (Wessington Springs, Aurora County, Dakota [S.D.]) 1883-1891, September 05, 1884, Image 1

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rl,. II. NO. 24
is. Orr went to Ipswich, D. T.,
he sound cf the thresher is heard in
.o ianil.
y/. I p.ateinan made a trip to "Woofi
,./,et yesterday. 5
Don't fcig.ro the Fair meeting after
convention Saturday.
•v'veral choice bargains in Real Es
•tc. Incnire at the Jerauld County
XiK' world's convention of the Young
lens christian association, is in session
Berlin. Germany.
Miss Frankiw Splain,' who has been
••siting at llob't Yessey's for the past
oiith, returned to her homo in Qsh
.,b. "Wis., Saturday.
MY:".. 1L S. Ji'iteman and daughter
ennu\ have gone eagfron a visit among
,-latives in Wisconsin.
L. X. Loomis, of the Alpena Journal,
,: Hle the
office a short visit
(onlay, Thursday, morning.
Head the card or'Mr. D. W. Shryock
another column and get his figures
in need of a builder's services.
v. I). Wilder was in Woonsocket the
of the week, E. L. Smith having
•. irge of the store during his absence.
The "Watertown papers announce the
riiliilacy of A. C. Mellette for the
...urination for the Pierre convention,
s. Harris is now the possessor of a
i-auld county farm, having proved up
her claim lying a few miles ncrth
i.-l: of town.
The anti-mormon feeling in Tennes
.. is increasing. Another elder has
ne the way of all earth, and no arrests
.ve been made.
The new ruling of the land office ma
•rially affects the costof Pinal Proofs.
ill on Hate-man & McDonald and be
evinced thereof.
Abstracts of title to all lands in Jer
ild county furnished at short notice
guaranteed correct by
Maj. "Washburn, of the firm of Wash
vn ifc Curroy, Mitchell, was in town
!, Saturday last on business'. He made
a pleasant visit while
During the last week the HERALD
:s iee received a large invoice Of type
Material suitable for job wo r.
on your v.'ork and g'it our esti
mall boys, who continually ask ques
I.HIS, will probaply be pleased to learn
.at a moiikeywrench is named for its
.Yiiikir, John Moncky, an English
r.uH K'.—M, TV. Young has finished
lavning a kiln of brick and is now
'"«uy to supply all demands for the
-.iiiie. Orders may be left at the
.ri office.
1 luring the last week the ladies made
"charge" on the dust and dirt that
.id accumulated in the church and
erything is now clean and in order
•r services*
Mr. "Wilder is remodelling and newly
ting up his store building lately pur
:.ased of Mr. Kenny and increasing
'.Is stock preparatory to the fall trade.
:.ll and see him.
.Mrs. Dr. Mat'nias fell through an open
liar door at the residence of Mr. Ma
last Monday. She was pretty well
iaken up and quite severely bruised
•'.t sustained no serious injury.
An Indiana young man attempted to
."ininit suicide with a lead pencil. He
mid not have been a newspaper man,
they attempt to live by that imple
eat—but their success is varied.—Ex.
An Ohio man has just remarried the
ife from whom he was divorced eight
ins ago, lie proved to her that he
•el quit snoring and she demonstrated
ii',t she bad learned to make good
Mr. John McLean and wife, from
'T-M, were visitors at the Springs on
Wednesday. They were well pleased
Ha the town and think it is destined
become a fine city as well as the
''•illy seat of Jerauld county.
Owing to the shower on last Tuesday
ening the meeting called for the or
.-•ii'ihation of the Temperance Alliance
tl.is township was not as largely at
-ii'.-u as desired, and the meeting ad
'••"ne-'l without taking any decided ac-
r. "Win. Hawthorne's house, east of
«, was struck by lightning on Tues
''evening. Aside from a few holts
burnt in the roof and iloor, and
ly frightening the various members
'he family no serious damage was
A. A. Iliddlc and daughter Fan
h.rt for a visit with relatives and
"Ys in the east Thursday. Mrs.
will stop in Charles City, Iowa
iss Fannie will go on to Menasna,
where'her sister, Mrs. T. C. Wil
In another place will be found a
dopy pf a circular in relation to the
dedication of the church next Sunday.
Let every one who can, be present and
make the occasion ono long to be re
membered in Wessington Springs as a
day of great spiritual rejoicing.
On Tuesday afternoon last:a fire was
discovered northeast of town which
proved to.be at the residence of Peter
J. W eiland. The house was burned to
the ground in. a few minutes. This is
a heavy loss to Mr. "Weiland, who was
just- getting nicely started on his farm.
The question as to who has been- de
spoiling the melon vines in this vicini
ty was satisfactorily determined last
Monday night so far as Omr-.r Shryock's
patch was concerned. Afoot race de
termined the matter without a fight.
If tho visit is repeated Omer promises
to mak& "troubles" for the raiders.
As II. J. Wallace was driving home
from town Thursday morning last, the
traces became unhitched, and the horses
ran. Mr. Wallace, and littlo'-boy, '.and
father-in-law,.Mr. VanXamee jumped
from the wagon and escaped uninjured.
Tho horses soon broke loose fronv the
wagon and ran home doing but little
The ladies of the Pioneer Union of
W. C. T. CJ., will send a delegation to
the republican convention to meet at
the court, house at "Wessington Springs,
Sept. fith, asking the privilege of pre
senting to the voters, through Mrs. Dr.
Hall, a memorial pf the American home
against the American saloon in Jer
auld county.
Just at this season of the year would
it not be tho part of wisdom to secure
indemnity from lire by getting a policy
of fire insurance in the old reliable'Con
tinental Insurance Company of !Nc-w
York, Jn our opinion there is no bet
ter company doing business in Dakota
Territory. Bateman & McDonald,
agents, Elmer, D. T.
It may not bo out of place at this
time to urge people to plow sufficient
fire-guards around their hay and grain
stacks, and around their houses, grana
ries and barns, as it will be only a short
time before prairie fires will be numer
ous, and a few hours well spent may
save hundreds of dollars worth of prop
erty. See to this at once.—Ex.
There must be something in the
earth, air or water between here and
Mitchell that "rattles" the temperance
delegates from this part of the world.
Last spring one of the delegates got
left at Woonsocket for 24 hours last
Monday the delegates left the. train ni
Letcher and would have been sadly
"left" had not the conductor caken pity
on the ladies and held the train for
them to again get aboard. Explana
tions are in order.
The Iluronite reports that a ware
house man at Iroquois, in that vicinity,
offered a farmer only thirty-four cents
for lii'ty-nine pound vheat he then
went to the agent of the "Winona mill
who would give him forty-four cents.
He hauled his grain home and sent a
sample to Huron, where it was shown
to bo Xo. 2 soft, worth fifty-four cents.
The Iluronite thinks some legislation
is needed to protect farmers from such
attempts at imposition.
The prohibition fanatics of Cedar
Rapids, lo., raided the saloons of that
city and seized upon all the different
styles of drinks which have taken the
place of the regular "tarantula juice"
under' the name of "reform," "good
luck," "crab cider," etc. The next move
ment in that state will very likely be
the appointment of local officials to an
alyze the drinking water in order to see
that the decomposition of organic mat
ter therein has not impregnated with
The following1 circular has been dis
tributed among the members and
friends of the M. E. Church of this
place: "DEDICATION:—The First Meth
odist Episcopal Church of Wessington
Springs, will bo dedicated to Divine
Worship on Sunday, September 7th,
1884. The Rev. I. N. Pardee, D. 1),, Su
perintendent of Dakota Missions, will
be present and preach the dedicatory
sermon. A cordial invitation is ex
tended to all the friends of the Society
to be present and take part in the exer
cises." Let there be a full attendance.
Mrs. J. Ellen Foster delivered an ad
dress before the W. C. T. lT. and the
people of Mitchell at the Baptist churcn
last evening which was largely attend
ed, and highly appreciated. Mrs. Fos
ter speaks with great force and earn
estness and has an attractive manner
of presenting licr arguments. She is
thoroughly enlisted in tho temperance
work and believes prohibition tho only
remedy for tho evils wrought by the
liquor traffic. It was an address well
worth listening to, and contained mat
ter for much serious thought.- At the
opening Rev. 0. E. Murray sang a tem
perance song which was well received,
and at the close Mrs. Wilkes, of Sioux
Fulls, spoke a few telling words for the
common cause in which the ladies and
others are engaged.
Emperor William still haa a wonder
fully dignified attitude, and it is aston
ishing—as well as fatiguing for those
who are with him—to see how long he
can stand without getting tired.
•It will be a relief to many parties to
know that the secretary of the interior
has disapproved the very remarkable
decision of Land Commissioner Mc-Far
land that, breaking the soil and turning
the sod did not meet the requirements
of cultivation in commuting on home
stead claims. The entries canceled or
suspended under his decision will now
be restored and proved up as hereto
fore. Had Mr. MeFarland's view been
sustained it is thought that a ma
jority of the proved up homesteads in
the territory might have been cancelled
and great loss and annoyance caused.
Mr. and Mrs. Yan^ amo.o, th.e parents
The temperanci meeting held at Mr.
Eager's Friday evening, Aug. 25, was
quite "largely" attended, Mr. .Gunder
son acting as eiairman. They organ
ized an allianci, viz.: "The Prohibition
Alliance." Officers were elected as fol
lows: Pres., Mr. Gunderson "Vice Pres.,
II. Fisher Sic., Mrs. W. Pierce Treas.,
Mrs. Pinkham. One of the resolutions
that was passed, was offered by the
chairman, Resolved, "That we support
prohibition as far as practicable.'.' Mr.
Dunham, of the Springs, was expected
as speaker of the evening but failed to
put in an appearance.
A meeting will be held at tho resi
dence of Sirs. Williams, Saturday even
ing, Sept. 0, by tho members of the
Firestei-i Sabbath school, to make ar
rangements for a supper for tho benefit
of our pastor. Full particulars next
week. All that are interested the
matter are cordially invited.—PROCTER.
Few who saw Thursday's cyclone as
it trailed its silvery grey ribbon-like
form over the prairie fully realized the
havoc that it left in its path. A. II.
Risdon's large barn -was tossed about
like a toy the water of the Jim river
from shore to shore and sever
al rods up and down the stream was
sucked out until the bottom was left
bare the Bloodgood and Cook farm
houses near Huron annihilated wag
ons and machinery broken as if they
Averc so much tinder wood the stacks
of grain whirled in the wind as if they
were made up of feathers the sod tak
en from new breaking and carried for
miles cattle, horses, sheep and pigs
taken up and thrown back to the ground,
resembling a fountain playing with so
many water ilies, tells of the forces at
work, and the danger to be feared from
this freak of the elements. A. II. Ris
don visited the Briggs Bros.' ranche
Saturday, and brings some strangely
contorted relics which lie has left at
this office for a few days. One a piece
of wire clothes line, a felt boot and
leather harness trace, is so fkmly and
ingeniously bound together that it is
hard to believe some person has not had
a hand in this puzzle another, a lath
that formerly helped to hold the plaster
on the walls of Mr. Briggs''house has
firmly and regularly wound about it 1G2
wraps of strong cotton thread. Sir.
of Mrs. II. J. Wallace, ana"tM^Snwjits iro -th'd" .c
Xamee, of Earlville, 111,, who have been
visiting town for several weeks, left
for their home on Friday morning
Miss VanXamee was the fortunate
finder of an Indian relic when walking
over the hills back, of Mr. Wallace's
house one morning. It is a little pad
dle of pipestone which the Indians
prize as a gift from the Great Spirit.
It is about five inches lonj and a quar
ter of an inch thick and is covered oil
the sides and edges with characters,
supposed to be sentences in tho Indian
Editors WisssnraToir Srjraxos HEKATB:
Too much wind ihis time, too.
Owing to tho inclemency of the
weather Sabbath 1 efore last, there was
no Sabbath schoo. or preaching.
Risdon had live cattle killed on this
ranche, and one missing. Briggs Bros,'
have five missing. They lost three pigs
of about HOG lbs. weight each four
horses, all their chickens, geese and
turkeys, farm wagons, buggies and
farm machinery a barn 125 feet long,
two housc-s, slieds, and all their cloth
ing and household goods. The Cornell
ranche, near that of tho Briggs Bros.'
was visited, destroying a hay rake,
buggy and other farm machinery. A
two year ild colt in one of tho Briggs
Bros.' barns was found several rods
away, not materially harmed, but plas
tered from head to heels with a thick
coat of mud. The cyclone crossed the
Jim River five times near this point.
Huron Times.
born county,
wife, father and son are reported killed! l'm-ihci-iidtiik-ii Umt
Angus Mc.lvillop ot ban-1 »hii
man nailictl
by this storm. Some liftv head of
tie were also killed.
Ve have had occasion before this to
call attention to the sagacity evidenced
by :he horses in this part of the Terri
tory -we are again reminded of this
peculiarity by g, little cirpumstance
that happened a short time ago. A
horse became unfastened and ho at
ones started off -and in a short time
brought backamimster. The minister
has not yet reported whether his visit
wasjone o£ business or pleasure,
'Media Township Caucus.
Proceedings of the caucus for the
elecpon of delegates to the county con
vcivfion and district commissioners
contention held at the residence of
A: leG innis:-
IStion made and carried that the
folliKving resolutions be adopted:
RhniAmoN 1.—That the following
oicSjfr he adopted for tlia election/of
Trnt the voting be done by ballot.
EachWllot to have written on it the
namesW two persons who shall be
qualiiiM to vote at this caucus
That vie balloting continue for one
That the two persons receiving the
highest number of votes shall be de
clared the delegates of this caucus.
That no person not an elector as de
fined by our ccde 1-e allowed to cast a
Amend. That xo'ir delegates to the
district convention be chosen at the
same time, said convention to be held
about the 1st of October. Also three
committeemen for Ceitral Committee.
The following nominations were
made for delegates to the coitnty con
vention A. S- Heals, E. L. Deline, Theo.
Dean, A. Phillips, Win. House!, B. F.
The following were nominated as
delegates for district convention: E.
W. Bennett, B. G. Cummiiigs, J. N.
Cross, M. D. Crow, W. I. Bateman, T.
A, McGinnis, A. S. Beals, V,'m. Ilousel,
The following were nominated as
members of township central commit
tee: M. D. Crow, E. "VV. Bennett, B. G.
Cummings, Theo. Dean, T. A. McGinnis
and E. L. Deline.
J. X. Cross, W, 1". Bateman, B. G.
Cummings, Theo. Dean, A. Phillips
chosen as judges of election.
The ballots resulted as follows:
For delegates to county convention:
iL S. Beals, E. L. Deline
District Commissioners Convention:
B.C. Cummings, T. A. McGinnis, W.I.
Bateman, Win. Ilousel.
Central Committee: B.G. Cummings,
A. McGinnis, E. L. Deline.
On motion adjourned.
W. I. BATEMAN, "Chairman.
Republican Oauous.
Wessington Springs, D. T„ Aug.
Caucus met pursuant to call.
On motion W. Hawthorne elected
chairman C. W. McDonald secretary.
Motion made by C. E. Thayer carried:
That the following rule be adopted by
this caucus for the election of its dele
gates to the county convention. That
the voting be done by ballot, each bal
lot to have written on it the names of
two persons who shall be qualified to
vote at this caucus. That tho balloting
continue for ono hour. That the two
persons receiving the highest number
of votes be declared the delegate of this
caucus. That the chairman of this
caucus act as a judge of election. That
the secretary of this caucus act as a
clerk of election. That the law gov
erning elections as laid down in our
code shall so far as practicable also
govern this balloting.
Motion that we take a recess of an
hour for the purpose of balloting. Car
Ballot resulted: James McDonald 2!)
E. L. Smith 2-1- W. Hawthorne 20 1'.
II. Barrett 17 A. B. Smart 7 R. -S.
Bateman 1.
Resolution by A. B.Smart: Resolved,
That as wo are in favor of prohibition
as a community we hereby instruct our
delegates to work only for prohibition
and prohibition officers as a county.
Moved and seconded that Precinct
Coin, be appointed by the chair. Car
ried. C. W. McDonald, chairinan Owen
Williams, C. I I. Stephens were appoint
ed as such committee.
On motion adjourned sine die.
C. W. MCDONALD, Chairman.
,, t* T." poll your falitiru to the time spo
to J. F. Fold for cheap -ns^uai eiiUd,saidOIUTVwillappealwitniu
against Fire, Lightning, Tornados and We Commissionerfor«
windstorms. i-'l|s5s26 li. BAumcvdit. uccoiver.
Estimates made free.
lit aiiti'heli, J). T. Ati^.i.',
To Hihim D. Ncwfon. i. 'J'.. Ku:: You are
hereby notiM that your lul tuiry "So. isxwi,
,, iiuule (Jet: l, looU, Ui«m ncU sctiMM No. tov.-u
north of
'LLB tlie
0 N E N I O
If you are a, Delegate come to Wessington Springs, cast your bailor, for
the best man and do your trading with
Everybody in Coming to [email protected] the Fun
V/ have large invoices of
(Ioiinox MCDONALD,
who made lul. tiling Xo. 2^-t for the s',4 se'i 1:
11'. noH24. too, rfti. Ife names ihc following
witnesses to jirove his continuous residence up
on, and cultivation of, said land, viz: .1. A.
Swan. S. 8. Moore, Asa Hodgson, John 3J. Xeal.
of Sullivan, Jerauld Co., I). T.
RAIMC N». ra. w. mn p. jr.
iviff i. hiis bowl foi'fw'.O'lhy liii'. oj'iite upon
oi Audt-uw
come Jiual as lo :i!i ques'.ioiis of
cat- pealed
and you
will uo-
unlfS3 ap-
within thirty
day- from
'this notice,
that being the period of time alisnved you in
which to appeal from raid Ueri.iiol! to tho Hon
orable CominU- hm*r of
-nrs-al land oitk-e.
berenfirtrdtM the Ilonoia-
Goods, Boots, Shoes, Crockery, i£t,e.
Constantly arriving which will make ours the largest and best stock in
the ccuaty. RAILROAD PKSCES?.
Our Motto
The undersigned having associated together for the purpose" of conducting
5Law and
Land law
ScotL Stan.chfield
JJN at Mitchell, 1). T. September 2, 1884.
Notice is hereby given that the following nam
ed settler lias tiled notiee of his intention to
make iinal proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before Clerk Disf.
Court .Jerauld county at Wessington Springs, 1).
T., on Oct. 10th, 18SI, viz:
under his iulontry Xo. 25USS for thesw'4. sec 7.
town too range lit. He names tho following wit
nesses to prove his continuous residence upon,
and cultivation of. said land, viz: A li. Cri-^well,
K. U. Nesmith. Adolph .Mahler, Ueonie Wine
garden, of Sullivan D. T. GEO. 11. UVKUITT.
suolt). Itegister.
Banking hours from I) to 12 A. M. and 1 to 11', M,
General Banking and Excliatige,
Deposits received subject to check, interest allowed on time De­
posits. Money to Loan on Real Estate or Chattel Security
at reasonable rates. Xo trouble to answer enquiries.
Buy Jerauld County Warrants.
Contractor and Builder,
Wessington Springs, Dakota.
J. H„
FO.ll PUBLICATI.OX.-—Land Office
at Mitchell, 1). T., Aug 10.
Xotiee is hereby given mat the following nam
ed settler has tiled notice of his intention to
make iinal proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before Clerk Dis
trict Court Jerauld countv, at Kiiaer, 1). X. on
Oct 1, 1SSI, viz:
TVTOTICi FOli I'll uLICATION.—Land Office
li at Mitchell, D. X. July la, 18S4.
Notice is hereby given that the following-nam
ed settler has tiled notiee of bis intention to
make Iinal proof in support of his claim and that
said proof will be made before C. W. .McDonald
Clerl? Dist. Court Jerauld county at Wessington
Springs, I). X.. on Sept:. Uth 1881. viz:
under his lid. liling No 23474 for the ne'-i see.
town 10(1 range (ill. He names the following wit
nesses to prove his continuous residence upon,
and cultivation of. said land, viz: McCor
mick of 1'lankinton, 1). T., Geo Moest, J. Ken
ning. F. Dooliltlc, of Crow Lake, D. X,
under his
lul entry No. U2C1-'. fertile mv'.i see.
4 town 107, range'iM. He names the following
witnesses to prove his continuous residency
upon, and cultivation of, said land, viz: I'hillip
Vhillips. l'eler •!. Weiland,X. Hall, Chas. S.
Heatli, of Elmer, Jerauld Co. 1). X.
also Gno. II. i:via rri\ Register
al -Mitchell, 1). 'J'., Aug28111.1SU.
Notiee is herein'given that the following item
ed settler has tiled notice oi her intention io
make final proof in support o£ her e!::!ru ccd
that said proof will bo niado before Cleric Db-r.
Court Jerauld county, at Elmer,•!-. X., ou h.
ltth, 1881, viz:
1.1 LU 1:1
under her lid entry No. 2CU-12 for the soH see.
a, township I us, rrnj-.o Shu names (lie fol
lowing witnesses to prove her continuuus resi
dence upon, and cultivation of, said land, vi/.:
Jesse Simons, ilarvev llefler, John Ntff, John
Simons, of Jerauld Co., I!. X.
at ilitclieli, D. X. Sept. 2d, I?84,
Notice is hereby given that the following man
ed settler has tiled notice of his intention to
make tmal proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will b! made before Clerk Dis
trict Court Jerauld county, at Elmer, D. T., oil
Oct 11th 18?4. viz:
d. s. No 224tfti for tho sw1.! section tc to\fn-1
ship 108 range 00. lie names the foliowir.g it
uesses to prove his continuous 'residence
and cultivation of, said land, viz: SI Jian«.n,
John Langmanteigen,.of Earlvi!le. 11
Xlios Williams, of Ttinpleton, D. T.
.--SolO IJ. tivcurr, i:vg.
Offer their services to the public. Our Mr. Stanchlield will reside at Mitehel
&nd give special attention to contests and all matters before the
IT. S. LAXT) OFFICE THERE. He will lie
at Woonsocket on Tuesday
and Saturday of each week for consultation with clients,
Attor»iay-at law. Real Estate
that said prool will be made before Clerk Di-i
Conn Jerauld county at Elmer, D. T., on SciJ
2ij, 1884, viz.:
vlunJeVallid VC x:)rC'
i\ at Mitchell. I). X., July 0, iss-l.
Notice is hereby given that tile following nam
ed settler has tiled notice of his intention
to make
iinal proof iu support of his claim, and that said
proof will bo made before W McDonald. Clerk
Dist Court Jerauld Co., at Elmer I). X., ou Sept.
li, 188-1, viz:
il.'i 1
Xioau Broiler.
Contests. Final Proofs, and all busb'c-w boi'or*
tlm U. S. Laud Office a special! v. LamN
bought and sold.
at Mitchell, D.X.'Aug 12.1884.
Notice is hereby given that the following
-d settler ha.s tiled notiee of his intu-llt io:i
nial profit ui support of his claim, and tiia' satii
ii-ooi will be made before 'l.-rk ivis!:. Court ,V
•Jmer, Jerauld Co.. D. X.. en Sept 27, viz
1're-emptiou No.
town 107, rangt
!8i)!l for the n1. sw U-sect ion
He name.s the following
ltnesses to prove his continuous esidenee up
on and eultiyation of .-.aid laud, viz: (i. (.'itnV
ljiicgs, John lawlks. Anthony l'hiilips, JI.Ulow"
ers, ol Jerauld Co., D. T.
rio. I). EVRKITT,
•\T'OXICi: J'OK PUJ51,ICATrOX.—Liind office
A at Mile-hell, D. X„ Augoih. 1SS-I.
Notice is hereby given that the followire:
11.11 se or luis lik'tl not i(.t* ol. iiis in ton Hon c
stii^ori, of his claim. W
under his lid. entry No uiaul lor il)e swfi see
to\\n tofi.riiuge On. He uanurs tiie follow in"-wM
Messes to prove, his continuous residence 'u]«'e:
auu cultivation of said land, viz: Geo. Walt -r-"
J'A' Sw»''
ATOT1CC F()!t PUDLirA'ITON.-I.aml Office
A. at .MiUrhnll, I). L.,.Jaly 'jl, JSH-j.
Notice is hen.'hy given that the frtlotvnurmtm.
ed seijler has filed notice of his jnteni ionic
make luial proel in support of his claim ape
t-iat said proef will be mai'.e before Clerlllii-
Court ot Jerauld county, at Wessington .-'.oriii'-,1
1.) 1., on Sept. mill, 1.S84, viz.:
l'AVlli A. P.liVANT,
who made lid. enlry No. 2.1183 for tiie n'-'i see
lion toiMi lot range Ol. He names tile f.'lli.-v
mg witnesses to prove his continuous residemV
upon and callivalion of said land, viz:
Cusler. David arty, Stcwai-l King, Sanitu i'i.'f''
ten, ot Jerauld Co., |. 'X.
ko. P.. EVEKITT, Begister.
FOll l'Ur.LICATHN.—Land "ofiiefl
at Mitchell. I). X. July 21, !ssj,
Xotiee is hereby given tiiat the folio-,vim -nam
rd settlor nas liicd notice if his intention i.i
make final prool' in support of Ids
that said proof wid be made before clni-:
IJoliaUl Clerk District Court Jerauld coi„.i'-' -Y
c.-siugton Springs, D. X.. on Sent ls-Y',
itndi'r Iiis lid. enirv No 2:a.' :i for
town lou range ile names tii.
lueses to pr./vn his continuous
and cuitivai of. said hind, viz
N. lllioi «, l.i. Sa:e!:-'er,
a fin ef
Co.,1). T.
Ui 1 Ui20.
Ev I-.
at Mitchell, X., Ai
Nidi-o is hen
1 lh ..
.-••y v.
liieu it.
of i-1 S:
eiller has
.i- I'm::! pr
1 I 'o„ in I
1 1
i-'Oi: I'um.ir,'.'}'!,:
ed si.: t:
fded notice
•ooi iu f.iippo
will be nee
iU'.i- Mill!
ce m«v I.'.
(own In
ne- ......
ami i•
lC CiiiO:. fi ^,{-
der. of Wa'.'.-ri.-n

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