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La Farge epitaph. (La Farge, Wis.) 1982-1982
La Farge sentry-enterprise. (Hillsboro, Wis.) 1974-1977
La Fayette Co. union. (Darlington, La Fayette Co., Wis.) 1865-1869
La Fayette County Pionier. (Lexington, Mo.) 1860-1860
The La Fayette daily American. (Lafayette, Ind.) 1856-1857
The La Fayette star and the comic Yankee. (Lafayette, N.J.) 1874-1???
The La Fayette weekly journal. (Lafayette, Ind.) 1887-1890
The La Feria news. (La Feria, Tex.) 1923-current
La Follette forum. (La Follette, Ward Co., N.D.) 1906-1906
The La Follette press. (La Follette, Tenn.) 19??-current
The La Follette times. (La Follette, Campbell County, Tenn.) 190?-190?
The La Grande advocate. [volume] (La Grande, Oregon) 1898-1???
The La Grande chronicle. [volume] (La Grande, Union County, Oregon) 189?-19??
La Grande district news. (La Grande, Union County, Or.) 19??-1931
La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959
La Grande gazette. (La Grande, Union County, Or.) 187?-1898
La Grande journal. [volume] (La Grande, Union County, Oregon) 1886-19??
La Grande morning observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1901-1904
La Grande morning star. (La Grande, Or.) 1907-1911
La Grande observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1959-1968
La Grande weekly observer and La Grande star. (La Grande, Or.) 1914-1921
La Grande weekly observer. (La Grande, Union County, Or.) 1905-1913
La Grande weekly star. (La Grande, Or.) 1891-1913
The La Grange advocate. [volume] (Lima [i.e. Howe], La Grange Co., Ia [i.e. Ind.]) 1845-1847
The La Grange citizen. (LaGrange, Ill.) 1905-1963
La Grange citizen. (Countryside, Ill.) 1975-1976
La Grange County Democrat. (Lima [i.e. Howe], La Grange County, Ia. [i.e. Ind.]) 1845-1848
The La Grange Democrat. (La Grange, Ind.) 1859-1862
The La Grange democrat. (La Grange, Lewis Co., Mo.) 1872-1891
La Grange Democrat. (La Grange, Ind.) 1868-1871
La Grange Democrat. (Lima [i.e. Howe], La Grange, IA [i.e. Ind.]) 1848-1848
La Grange deutsche Zeitung. [volume] (La Grange, Tex.) 1890-1926
The La Grange doings. (Hinsdale, Ill.) 2000-current
La Grange herald. (La Grange, Ga.) 1843-1845
La Grange intelligencer. (La Grange, Tex.) 1844-1846
The La Grange journal. (La Grange, Tex.) 1880-1986
La Grange monitor. (La Grange, Tenn.) 1859-18??
La Grange national American. (City of La Grange, Mo.) 1857-1872
La Grange Park citizen. (La Grange, Ill.) 19??-19??
The La Grange press. (Lemont, Ill.) 1999-current
The La Grange reporter. (La Grange, Ga.) 184?-193?
The La Grange times. (LaGrange, Ky.) 1943-19??
The La Grange union. (Lima [i.e. Howe], Ind.) 1861-1863
La Grange vidette. (La Grange, N.C.) 1875-18??
La Grange Whig. (Lima [i.e. Howe], La Grange Co., Ia. [i.e. Ind.]) 1845-1856
La Habra journal. (La Habra, Calif.) 1995-current
La Habra review. (La Habra, Calif.) 1960-1965
La Habra review. (Whittier, Calif.) 1975-19??
La Habra star. (La Habra, Calif.) 1916-1966
La Habra star. (Anaheim, Calif.) 1992-2001
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