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The Alabama populist. [volume] (Selma, Ala.) 190?-19??
Alabama republican. [volume] (Cahawba, Ala.) 1831-????
Alabama state gazette. [volume] (Cahawba, Ala.) 18??-18??
Alabama State sentinel. [volume] (Selma, Ala.) 1853-1863
Alabama State sentinel. (Selma, Ala.) 1853-1855
Alabama watchman. [volume] (Cahawba, Ala.) 1820-1821
The American citizen. [volume] (Cahaba, Ala.) 185?-18??
American Whig. [volume] (Cahawba, Ala.) 1825-182?
The Baptist pioneer. [volume] (Selma, Ala.) 18??-????
The Cahaba gazette. [volume] (Cahaba, Ala.) 1860-18??
The Cahaba slave-holder and bulletin. [volume] (Cahaba, Ala.) 1860-18??
Cahawba democrat. [volume] (Cahawba, Ala.) 1838-18??
Cahawba press and Alabama intelligencer. [volume] (Cahawba, A.T. [i.e. Ala.]) 1819-1820
Cahawba press and Alabama State intelligencer. [volume] (Cahawba, Ala.) 1821-1826
The Central Alabama news. [volume] (Selma, Ala.) 1947-19??
The Chattanooga daily rebel. [online resource] (Chattanooga, Tenn.) 1862-1864
Chattanooga daily rebel. [online resource] (Selma, Ala.) 1865-1865
Chattanooga daily rebel. [volume] (Selma, Ala.) 1865-1865
The Chattanooga Daily Rebel. [volume] (Chattanooga, Tenn.) 1862-1864
Craig clarion. [volume] (Craig Field, Ala.) 1946-19??
Craig Field journal. [volume] (Selma, Ala.) 194?-194?
The daily Chattanooga rebel. [volume] (Griffin, Ga.) 1864-1865
The daily Chattanooga rebel. [online resource] (Griffin, Ga.) 1864-1865
Daily echo. [volume] (Selma, Ala.) 1874-1875
The Daily Mississippian. [volume] (Jackson, Miss.) 1861-1867
The daily Selma reporter. (Selma, Ala.) 1859-1865
Daily Selma times. [volume] (Selma, Ala.) 18??-1876
The Daily Selma times. [volume] (Selma, Ala.) 1865-1865
Daily state sentinel. [volume] (Selma, Ala.) 185?-186?
The Dallas county news. [volume] (Selma, Ala.) 1932-????
The Dallas gazette. [volume] (Cahaba, Ala.) 18??-1859
Ebony times of Selma. [volume] (Selma, Ala.) 1965-1965
The Evening mail. [volume] (Selma, Ala.) 188?-????
The Federal union. [volume] (Selma, Ala.) 1865-18??
The Independent. [volume] (Selma, Ala.) 18??-1???
The Issue. [volume] (Selma, Ala.) 1860-186?
Memphis daily appeal. [online resource] (Memphis, Tenn.) 1847-1886
Memphis daily appeal. [volume] (Memphis, Tenn.) 1847-1886
Memphis weekly appeal. [volume] (Memphis, Tenn.) 185?-1885
The Morning times. [volume] (Selma, Ala.) 188?-1901
The National Republican. (Selma, Ala.) 187?-187?
Progressive democrat. [volume] (Selma, Ala.) 1883-1???
The Republican union advocate. [volume] (Selma, Ala.) 1867-18??
The Selma advocate. [volume] (Selma, Ala.) 1915-????
Selma courier. [volume] (Selma, Ala.) 1827-183?
The Selma cyclone. [volume] (Selma, Ala.) 1886-189?
Selma daily echo. [volume] (Selma, Ala.) 1874-1874
The Selma daily messenger. [volume] (Selma, Alabama) 1865-1868
The Selma daily news. [volume] (Selma, Ala.) 1896-????
The Selma daily reporter. [volume] (Selma, Ala.) 1871-1???