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Daily record-epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1885-1885
Daily square dealer. [volume] (Bisbee, Ariz.) 1917-1917
Daily Tombstone epitaph. [online resource] (Tombstone, Arizona) 1885-1887
Daily Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1885-1887
The Daily Tombstone. [volume] (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1885-1886
The Democrat. (Bisbee, Ariz.) 1888-1???
The Dispatch. (Douglas, Ariz.) 1967-1973
District shopper. (Bisbee, Ariz.) 1956-19??
Dos Cabazas gold note. [volume] (Dos Cabezas, Cochise County, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1882-1882
Douglas daily dispatch. [online resource] (Douglas, Arizona) 1903-1961
Douglas daily dispatch. [volume] (Douglas, Ariz.) 1903-1961
Douglas daily international. (Douglas, Ariz.) 1909-1912
Douglas daily international. [volume] (Douglas, Ariz.) 1913-1925
The Douglas defender. (Douglas, Ariz.) 19??-19??
Douglas dispatch. (Douglas, Cochise County, Ariz.) 1902-1903
The Douglas dispatch. [microfilm reel] (Douglas, Ariz.) 1961-1967
Douglas international. (Douglas, Ariz.) 1912-1913
Douglas weekly international. (Douglas, Ariz.) 1918-19??
The Flight pattern. (Douglas, Ariz.) 1943-19??
Fort Huachuca guardsman. [volume] ([Fort Huachuca, Ariz.]) 1950-1950
Fort Huachuca scout. (Fort Huachuca, Ariz.) 1954-1955
The Fort Huachuca scout. [volume] (Fort Huachuca, Ariz.) 1998-current
Gateway times. (Sierra Vista, Ariz.) 1958-1967
The Graphic. (Douglas, Ariz.) 1961-1963
The heliograph. (Douglas, Ariz.) 1964-19??
Huachuca herald. (Sierra Vista, Ariz.) 1955-1968
The Huachuca scout. [volume] (Fort Huachuca, Ariz.) 1957-1998
Mountain view news. (Sierra Vista, Ariz.) 1993-current
The Mule Mountain observer. [volume] (Bisbee, Ariz.) 197?-19??
News-sun. [volume] (Benson, Ariz.) 1991-1993
The oasis. [volume] (Arizola, Ariz.) 1893-1920
The oasis. [online resource] (Arizola, Arizona) 1893-1920
The Paradise record. (Paradise, Cochise County, Ariz) 1906-1911
Post script. (Fort Huachuca, Ariz.) 1945-1945
Post script. [volume] (Fort Huachuca, Ariz.) 1944-1945
Post script. [online resource] (Fort Huachuca, Ariz.) 1944-1945
Postscript of the Apache sentinel. [volume] (Fort Huachuca, Ariz.) 1945-1946
Postscript of the Apache sentinel. [online resource] (Fort Huachuca, Arizona) 1945-1946
The Review. (Bisbee, Ariz.) 1930-19??
El Rodeo. (Circle Z Ranch [Patagonia, Ariz.) 19??-19??
The San Pedro Valley news and Valley sun. [volume] (Benson, Cochise County, Ariz.) 1958-1960
The San Pedro Valley news-sun. [volume] (Benson, Ariz.) 1993-current
The San Pedro Valley news-sun. [volume] (Benson, Cochise County, Ariz.) 1960-1991
The San Pedro Valley news. [volume] (Benson, Cochise County, Ariz.) 1928-1958
The San Simon Valley news. [volume] (San Simon, Cochise County, Ariz.) 1918-1928
The San Simon Valley oil news. [volume] (Bowie, Cochise County, Ariz.) 1928-1930
San Simon Valley tribune. [volume] (Bowie, Cochise County, Ariz.) 1930-1934
Scout. (Fort Huachuca, Ariz.) 1955-1957
The Semi monthly pickwick. (Camp Bowie, A.T. [Ariz.]) 187?-18??
The Sentry. (Douglas, Ariz.) 19??-19??