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The Buena Vista democrat. [volume] (Buena Vista, Colo.) 1883-1892
Buena Vista herald. [volume] (Buena Vista, Chaffee County, Colo.) 1881-1???
The Buena Vista wasp. [volume] (Buena Vista, Colo.) 1883-????
The Chaffee County democrat. (Buena Vista, Chaffee County, Colo.) 1???-19??
Chaffee County democrat. (Maysville, Colo.) 1881-1???
The Chaffee County news. (Buena Vista, Chaffee County, Colo.) 1895-1???
The Chaffee County press. [volume] (Nathrop, Colo.) 1880-????
Chaffee County record. (Salida, Colo.) 1893-1898
The Chaffee County republic. (Buena Vista, Chaffee County, Colo.) 1897-1???
The Chaffee County republican. (Buena Vista, Chaffee County, Colo.) 1895-1897
Chaffee County republican. (Buena Vista, Colo.) 19??-1976
The Chaffee County times. [volume] (Buena Vista, Chaffee County, Colo.) 1880-1886
Chaffee County times. (Buena Vista, Colo.) 1976-current
The chronicle. (Salida, Colo.) 1904-19??
Chrysolite mountain bugle. (Grizzly Gulch, Near Alpine, Chaffee County, Colo.) 1879-1???
The Colorado democrat. (Buena Vista, Chaffee County, Colo.) 1892-1895
The Colorado republic. (Buena Vista, Colo.) 1???-1???
Colorado republican. (Buena Vista, Colo.) 1???-19??
The Granite courier. (Granite, Chaffee County, Colo.) 1898-1???
The Granite mining journal. (Granite, Chaffee County, Colo.) 18??-19??
Granite pay-streak. (Granite, Chaffee County, Colo.) 1894-1???
Mail bulletin. (Salida, Colo.) 1933-1936
The Maysville miner. [volume] (Maysville, Colo.) 188?-1???
Mine, stack, and rail. (Buena Vista, Colo.) 188?-1???
Moly mountain news. [volume] (Climax, Colo.) 1949-19??
Mountain mail. [volume] (South Arkansas Colo.) 1880-1883
Mountain mail. (Salida, Colo.) 1956-current
The Poncha herald. [volume] (Poncha Springs, Colo.) 188?-1???
Poncho Springs herald. (Poncho Springs, Colo.) 1881-1???
Salida daily mail-record. (Salida, Colo.) 1948-1955
Salida daily mail. [volume] (Salida, Colo.) 1883-1885
The Salida daily mail. (Salida, Colo.) 1936-1948
Salida daily mountain mail. [volume] (Salida, Colo.) 1882-1883
Salida daily news. [volume] (Salida, Colo.) 1883-1888
Salida daily sentinel. [volume] (Salida, Colo.) 1882-1???
Salida mail. [volume] (Salida, Colo.) 1885-1937
Salida news. (Salida, Colo.) 1888-1890
Salida real estate guide. (Salida, Chaffee County, Colo.) 1885-1???
The Salida record. (Salida, Colo.) 1927-1964
The Salida record. (Salida, Colo.) 1898-1926
Salida semi-weekly news. (Salida, Colo.) 1890-1???
The Salida semi-weekly record. (Salida, Colo.) 1926-1926
The Salida sentinel. (Salida, Colo.) 1891-1???
Salida weekly mail. [volume] (Salida, Colo.) 1883-1885
The Salida, Colorado, record. (Salida, Colo.) 1926-1926
The South Arkansas miner. [volume] (Maysville, Colo.) 1880-188?
St. Elmo mountaineer. [volume] (St. Elmo, Colo.) 1880-????
Turret gold belt. (Turret, Colo.) 1899-19??
The wasp. [volume] (Buena Vista, Colo.) 1883-1???
The weekly mail. (Salida, Colo.) 1883-1883