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The advocate. [volume] (Newburyport, Mass.) 1874-187?
American intelligencer and general advertiser. [volume] (Newburyport [Mass.]) 1801-1801
The American sentinel and Essex north record. [volume] (Newburyport, Mass.) 1854-1855
Asbestos. (Newburyport, Mass.) 1931-193?
Beacon of liberty. [volume] (Newburyport, Mass.) 1848-184?
Christian herald. (Exeter [N.H.]) 1840-1850
Christian herald. [volume] (Newburyport, Mass.) 18??-1???
The Comet. (Newburyport [Mass.) 1858-18??
The daily courier. [volume] (Newburyport [Mass.]) 1846-1846
Daily evening herald. [volume] (Newburyport [Mass.]) 1880-1889
Daily evening union. [volume] (Newburyport, Mass.) 1849-1853
The daily herald. [volume] (Newburyport, Mass.) 1834-1865
The Daily news. (Newburyport, Mass.) 1962-current
Essex courant. [volume] (Newburyport, Mass.) 1825-1826
The Essex journal & New-Hampshire packet. [volume] (Newbury-port [Mass.]) 1786-1794
The Essex journal and Merrimack packet, or, The Massachusetts and New-Hampshire general advertiser. [volume] (Newbury-port, Mass.) 1773-1775
The Essex journal and the Massachusetts and New-Hampshire general advertiser. [volume] (Newbury-port, Mass.) 1784-1786
The Essex journal, and New-Hampshire packet. [volume] (Newbury-port [Mass.]) 1775-1776
The Essex journal, or, New-Hampshire packet. [volume] (Newbury-port [Mass.]) 1775-1775
The Essex journal, or, The Massachusetts and New-Hampshire general advertiser, &c. [volume] (Newbury-port, Mass.) 1775-1775
The Essex journal, or, The New-Hampshire packet, and the weekly advertiser. [volume] (Newbury-port [Mass.]) 1776-1776
The Essex journal. [volume] (Newbury-port [Mass.]) 1776-1777
Essex north register and family monitor. [volume] (Newburyport [Mass.]) 1837-1837
The Essex-north register. [volume] (Newburyport [Mass.]) 1834-1836
The free press. [volume] (Newburyport [Mass.]) 1826-1826
Herald of gospel liberty. (Newburyport, Mass.) 1851-18??
Impartial herald. [volume] (Newburyport [Mass.]) 1793-1797
Independent Whig. [volume] (Newburyport [Mass]) 1810-1811
The mercantile advertiser. (Newburyport, Mass.) 1871-187?
Mercantile advertiser. (Newburyport [Mass.]) 1852-????
Merrimac journal. [volume] (Newburyport [Mass.]) 1842-184?
The Merrimac monthly. (Newburyport, Mass.) 18??-1???
Merrimac Valley visitor. [volume] (Newburyport, Mass.) 1886-1887
Merrimac Valley visitor. [volume] (Newburyport, Mass.) 1872-188?
Merrimack gazette and Essex advertiser. [microfilm reel] (Newburyport [Mass.]) 1803-1804
Merrimack gazette and Essex advertizer. [volume] (Newburyport [Mass.]) 1803-1804
Merrimack gazette. [volume] ([Newburyport, Mass.]) 1803-1803
Merrimack gazette. [microfilm reel] ([Newburyport, Mass.]) 1803-1803
Merrimack magazine and ladies' literary cabinet. [volume] (Newburyport, Mass.) 1805-1806
Merrimack magazine and ladies' literary cabinet. [microfilm reel] ([Newburyport, Mass.]) 1805-1806
The morning star. [volume] (Newburyport, Mass.) 1794-1794
The new era. [volume] (Newburyport, Mass.) 1860-186?
New-England repertory. [microfilm reel] (Newburyport, Mass.) 1803-1804
New-England repertory. [volume] (Newburyport, Mass.) 1803-1804
Newburyport advertiser and Merrimac journal of the times. [volume] (Newburyport [Mass.]) 1831-1831
Newburyport advertiser. [volume] (Newburyport, Mass.) 1845-1849
Newburyport advertiser. [volume] (Newburyport [Mass.]) 1832-1832
Newburyport courier. [volume] (Newburyport [Mass.]) 1844-1846
Newburyport daily germ. (Newburyport, Mass.) 1881-1887
Newburyport daily herald. [volume] (Newburyport, Mass.) 1866-1889