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The Alexandria argus. [microfilm reel] (Alexandria, Neb.) 1894-1972
The Alexandria herald. [microfilm reel] (Alexandria, Neb.) 189?-1???
The Alexandria news. [microfilm reel] (Alexandria, Thayer County, Neb.) 187?-18??
The Belvidere news. [microfilm reel] (Belvidere, Neb.) 1890-1898
The Bruning banner. [microfilm reel] (Bruning, Neb.) 1918-1966
The Bruning banner. [microfilm reel] (Bruning, Neb.) 1918-1966
Bruning booster. [microfilm reel] (Bruning, Thayer County, Neb.) 1913-1916
Bruning courier. [microfilm reel] (Bruning, Neb.) 1899-19??
The Byron blade. [microfilm reel] (Byron, Neb.) 190?-19??
The Byron gleaner. [microfilm reel] (Byron, Thayer County, Neb.) 18??-18??
The Byron herald. [microfilm reel] (Chester, Thayer County, Neb.) 1896-1905
The Carleton enterprise. [microfilm reel] (Carleton, Neb.) 1919-1941
Carleton leader. [microfilm reel] (Carleton, Thayer County, Neb.) 18??-19??
The Carleton weekly reporter. [microfilm reel] (Carleton, Neb.) 189?-1???
Chester herald. [microfilm reel] (Chester, Thayer County, Neb.) 188?-current
The chronicle. [microfilm reel] (Deshler, Neb.) 1906-1906
The chronicle. [microfilm reel] (Davenport, Neb.) 1898-1899
Davenport lancet. [microfilm reel] (Davenport, Thayer County, Neb.) 1888-1891
The Davenport news. [microfilm reel] (Davenport, Neb.) 1951-1953
The Davenport news. [microfilm reel] (Davenport, Neb.) 1897-1897
The Deshler chronicle. [microfilm reel] (Deshler, Neb.) 1899-1906
The Deshler citizen. [microfilm reel] (Deshler, Neb.) 1893-1897
The Deshler rustler. [microfilm reel] (Deshler, Neb.) 1906-current
The era. [microfilm reel] (Belvidere, Neb.) 1887-18??
The Hebron champion. [microfilm reel] (Hebron, Neb.) 1901-1916
The Hebron journal-register. (Hebron, Neb.) 1944-current
The Hebron journal-register. [microfilm reel] (Hebron, Neb.) 1944-current
The Hebron journal. [volume] (Hebron, Jefferson County [sic] Neb.) 1871-1944
The Hebron journal. [microfilm reel] (Hebron, Jefferson County [sic] Neb.) 1871-1944
The Hebron register. [microfilm reel] (Hebron, Neb.) 1930-1944
The Hebron register. [microfilm reel] (Hebron, Neb.) 1894-1916
Hebron Republican. [microfilm reel] (Hebron, Neb.) 18??-1901
The Hebron weekly register. [microfilm reel] (Hebron, Neb.) 18??-1894
The Hubbell standard. [volume] (Hubbell, Neb.) 1899-1922
The Hubbell standard. [microfilm reel] (Hubbell, Neb.) 1899-1922
The Hubbell times. [microfilm reel] (Hubbell, Neb.) 1892-1899
Jolly griper. [microfilm reel] (Plainview, Ark.) 1934-19??
The Munden times. [microfilm reel] (Hubbell, Neb.) 1898-1899
The Munden times. [volume] (Hubbell, Neb.) 1898-1899
The people's champion. [microfilm reel] (Hebron, Thayer County, Neb.) 1895-1901
The people's champion. (Hebron, Neb.) 1895-1901
People's journal. [microfilm reel] (Davenport, Neb.) 1891-1942
The Peoples journal. (Davenport, Neb.) 1891-????
The Register-champion. [microfilm reel] (Hebron, Neb.) 1916-1930
The Thayer County banner-argus. [microfilm reel] (Bruning, Neb.) 1973-1981
The Thayer county banner-journal. [microfilm reel] (Bruning, Neb.) 1966-1972
Thayer County herald. [microfilm reel] (Alexandria, Neb.) 188?-189?
The Thayer County school paper. [microfilm reel] (Hebron, Thayer Co., Neb.) 19??-19??
Thayer County sentinel. [volume] (Hebron, Thayer County, Neb.) 1876-1880
Thayer County sentinel. [microfilm reel] (Hebron, Thayer County, Neb.) 1876-188?