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Argus & spectator. [volume] (Newport, N.H.) 1842-1849
Argus and spectator. (Newport, N.H.) 1897-1925
The Argus-champion and Newport-Lake Sunapee times. (Newport, N.H.) 1955-1971
The Argus-champion. [volume] (Newport, N.H.) 1925-1955
The Argus-champion. (Newport, N.H.) 1971-current
The Argus. [volume] (Claremont [N.H.]) 1833-1834
Aurora of the valley. [volume] (Newbury, Vt.) 1848-18??
The Claremont advocate. [volume] (Claremont, N.H.) 1881-1941
The Claremont daily eagle. (Claremont, N.H.) 1914-1951
The Claremont news. (Claremont, N.H.) 1913-1913
Claremont spectator. (Claremont, N.H.) 1823-1824
Cold River journal. (South Acworth, N.H.) 1880-18??
The Cold River journal. [volume] (Alstead, N.H.) 1883-1905
The Compendium. [volume] (Claremont, N.H.) 1870-1874
The Cornish hills echo. (Cornish Flat, N.H.) 1974-1976
Cornish quarterly. (Cornish Flat, N.H.) 1982-current
The Daily advocate. (Claremont, N.H.) 1891-1891
The Daily eagle. (Claremont, N.H.) 1952-1974
Eagle times. (Claremont, N.H.) 1974-current
The Eagle. (Newport, N.H.) 1831-18??
Farmer's advocate and political adventurer. (Newport, N.H.) 1831-1832
Granite state journal. (Keene, N.H.) 1869-1909
Granite State journal. (Hanover, N.H.) 1869-1???
Granite state journal. [volume] (Claremont, N.H.) 1869-1884
The Impartialist. [volume] (Claremont, N.H.) 1832-1835
Independent advocate. [volume] (Claremont, N.H.) 183?-1???
The Lake Sunapee echo. (Sunapee, N.H.) 188?-1896
N.H. argus and spectator. [volume] (Newport, N.H.) 1835-1842
The Narrative. (Claremont, N.H.) 1875-1897
National eagle. [volume] (Claremont, N.H.) 1834-1939
New Hampshire Argus & spectator. (Newport, N.H.) 1850-1896
New-Hampshire Argus. (Newport, N.H.) 1834-1835
New-Hampshire spectator. [volume] (Newport, N.H.) 1825-1835
The Newport guardian and Kearsarge-Sunapee sun. (Newport, N.H.) 1948-1953
The Newport-Lake Sunapee times. [volume] (Newport, N.H.) 1953-1955
The Northern advocate. (Winchester, N.H.) 1849-1881
Northern advocate. (Claremont, N.H.) 18??-1???
The Northern intelligencer. (Claremont [N.H.]) 1848-1849
Old No. 4. (Charlestown, N.H.) 1882-1886
The Plain facts. (Plainfield, N.H.) 1973-current
Republican champion. [volume] (Newport, N.H.) 1881-1925
Soo Nipi. (Sunapee, N.H.) 198?-current
Sullivan Mercury. [volume] (Charlestown, N.H.) 1829-1832
Sullivan Republican. (Newport, N.H.) 1859-1861
Tuesday Argus. (Newport, N.H.) 1923-1925
Washington & Marlow times. (Hillsboro Bridge [Hillsborough], N.H.) 1901-19??
Weekly enterprise. (Meriden, N.H.) 1908-1915
Whip & spur!. [volume] (Newport, N.H.) 1839-18??
The Wide-awake. (Claremont, N.H.) 1872-18??