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The Breckenridge times. (Breckenridge, Okla.) 1908-19??
The Camel's calf. [volume] (Enid, Okla.) 1936-1936
Carrier monitor. (Carrier, Garfield County, Okla.) 1903-190?
The Cherokee cosmos. (Kremlin, Wild Horse, O County, O.T. [Okla.]) 1894-189?
Cherokee republican. (Waukomis, Okla.) 1894-1899
The Coldwater star. (Coldwater, Garfield County, Okla.) 1905-190?
The Coldwater times. (Coldwater, P.O. Hillsdale Station, Garfield County, Okla.) 190?-19??
Coming events. (Enid, Garfield County, Okla.) 1901-1902
Coming events. (Enid, Oklahoma Territory [Okla.]) 1893-1899
Covington advocate. (Covington, Okla.) 1908-1908
Covington leader. (Covington, Garfield County, Okla.) 1905-190?
The Covington record. (Covington, Okla.) 1916-19??
Covington recorder. (Covington, Garfield County, Okla.) 1904-1905
The daily enterprise. (Enid, Okla. Ter. [Okla.]) 1893-189?
Daily tribune-democrat. (Enid, Okla.) 1894-189?
The Douglas news. (Douglas, Okla.) 190?-19??
Drummond herald. (Drummond, Garfield Co., Okla.) 190?-19??
The Drummond messenger. (Drummond, Garfield County, Okla.) 1919-19??
The Drummond times. (Drummond, Garfield County, Okla.) 1924-1926
The Enid daily eagle. [volume] (Enid, Okla.) 1901-1989
Enid daily free press. (Enid, Okla.) 190?-19??
The Enid daily journal. (Enid, Okla.) 1929-193?
The Enid daily morning news. (Enid, Okla.) 1917-1918
The Enid daily news. (Enid, Okla.) 1916-1923
The Enid daily times. (Enid, Okla.) 1926-192?
The Enid daily wave. (Enid, Oklahoma Territory [Okla.]) 1893-190?
The Enid democrat. (Enid, Oklahoma Territory [Okla.]) 1895-189?
The Enid eagle. (Enid, Okla.) 1900-1905
Enid eagle. (Enid, Oklahoma T'y. [Okla.]) 1893-1???
Enid eagle. (Enid, Oklahoma T'y. [Okla.]) 1893-1894
The Enid eagle. (Enid, Oklahoma Territory [Okla.]) 1899-1899
The Enid echo. (Enid, Garfield County, Okla.) 1899-190?
The Enid events. (Enid, Okla.) 1902-1954
The Enid labor weekly. (Enid, Okla.) 1921-1922
The Enid morning news. [volume] (Enid, Okla.) 1923-1989
The Enid morning news. (Enid, Okla.) 190?-1917
The Enid morning snooz. [volume] (Enid, Okla.) 1934-1935
The Enid news and eagle. (Enid, Okla.) 198?-current
Die Enid post. (Enid, Okla.) 1902-191?
Languages: German
The Enid shopper. (Enid, Okla.) 19??-19??
Enid staats-zeitung. (Enid, Okla.) 1906-1915
Languages: German
The Enid state tribune. (Enid, Garfield County, Okla.) 1900-1900
The Enid times. (Enid, Okla.) 1925-192?
Enid wave-democrat. (Enid, Okla.) 1908-1911
The Enid weekly eagle. (Enid, Oklahoma TY [Okla.]) 1894-1899
The Enid weekly eagle. (Enid, Okla.) 1905-19??
The Enid weekly events. (Enid, Garfield County, Okla.) 1899-1900
Everybody's friend. [volume] (Stillwater, Okla.) 19??-191?
Garber free press and the Billings news. (Billings, Noble County, Okla.) 1985-1985
The Garber free press. (Garber, Okla.) 1948-1985