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Centennial register. (Chambersburg, Pa.) 1876-1877
Chambersburg Correspondent und allegemeiner Volksberichter der Deutschen von Franklin und den benachbarten Caunties. [volume] (Chambersburg, Franklin Caunty [Pa.]) 18??-18??
Languages: German
The Chambersburg gazette. [volume] (Chambersburg, Pa.) 1793-1796
The Chambersburg post. [volume] (Chambersburg, Pa.) 1939-19??
Chambersburg repository and Whig. [volume] (Chambersburg [Pa.]) 1840-1841
Chambersburg Republican. [volume] (Chambersburg, Pa.) 1811-1815
The Chambersburg times. [volume] (Chambersburg, Pa.) 1841-1846
The Chambersburg weekly advertiser. [volume] (Chambersburg [Pa.]) 17??-1???
The Chambersburg Whig. [volume] (Chambersburg [Pa.]) 1836-1840
Die Christliche Zeitschrift. [volume] (Gettysburg, Pa.) 1838-1848
Languages: German
Die Christliche Zeitschrift. [volume] (Gettysburg, Pa.) 1838-1848
Languages: German
The Country merchant. (Chambersburg, Pa.) 1866-1869
Cumberland Valley sentinel. [volume] (Chambersburg [Pa.]) 1846-1852
The daily herald. [volume] (Chambersburg, Pa.) 18??-1886
The daily register. (Chambersburg, Pa.) 1879-1???
The Democratic news. (Chambersburg, Pa.) 1888-1920
Democratic Republican and Pennsylvania advertiser. [volume] (Chambersburg, Pa.) 1816-1817
Democratic republican. [volume] (Chambersburg, Pa.) 1815-1816
Der Deutsche Franklin. [volume] (Chambersburg [Pa.]) 1824-18??
Languages: German
The farmers' register. [volume] (Chambersburg [Pa.]) 1798-1799
Franklin intelligencer. (Chambersburg, Pa.) 1849-185?
The Franklin Minerva [[microform].] ([S.l.) 1799-1800
The Franklin Minerva. ([Chambersburg, Pa.) 1799-1800
The Franklin Minerva. [volume] ([Chambersburg, Pa.]) 1799-1800
The Franklin Minerva. [online resource] (Chambersburg [Pa.]) 1799-1800
Franklin repository & Chambersburg Whig. [volume] (Chambersburg, Pa.) 1840-1840
Franklin repository and transcript. [volume] (Chambersburg, Pa.) 1855-1863
Franklin repository and Whig. [volume] (Chambersburg, Pa.) 1852-1855
The Franklin repository. [volume] (Chambersburg, Pa.) 1796-1840
Franklin repository. (Chambersburg, Pa.) 1882-1931
The Franklin repository. [volume] (Chambersburg, Pa.) 1863-1931
Franklin Republican & Chambersburg advertiser. [volume] (Chambersburg [Pa.]) 1830-1831
Franklin Republican and Chambersburg weekly advertiser. [volume] (Chambersburg [Pa.]) 182?-1830
Franklin Republican and observer. (Chambersburg, Pa.) 1832-1834
Franklin Republican. [volume] (Chambersburg, Pa.) 1817-182?
The Franklin review. [volume] (Chambersburg, Pa.) 1895-1896
Franklin telegraph and Democratic advertiser. (Chambersburg, Pa.) 1831-1831
The Franklin telegraph and Democratic advertiser. (Chambersburg, Pa.) 183?-1???
The Franklin telegraph. [volume] (Chambersburg, Pa.) 1832-183?
Der Freiheits-Freund. (Chambersburg [Pa.]) 1834-1837
Languages: German
The Gazette, and Franklin anti-masonic enquirer. [volume] (Chambersburg [Pa.]) 18??-18??
German Reformed messenger. [microfilm reel] (Chambersburg, Pa.) 1848-1867
German Reformed messenger. [microfilm reel] (Chambersburg, Pa.) 1848-1867
German reformed messenger. [volume] (Chambersburg, Pa.) 1848-1867
German reformed messenger. [online resource] (Chambersburg, Pa.) 1848-1867
The herald. (Chambersburg, Pa.) 1878-18??
How to make the farm pay. (Chambersburg, Penn.) 1871-????
Kenny letter. [volume] (Chambersburg, Pa.) 1943-current
The News-letter. (Chambersburg, Pa.) 1885-1886
The old flag. [volume] (Chambersburg, Pa.) 1864-18??