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Black news. [volume] (Columbia, S.C.) 1977-1984
Black news. [microfilm reel] (Columbia, S.C.) 1977-????
Black on news. (Columbia, S.C.) 1972-1977
Black on to the bone. (Columbia, S.C.) 1973-1973
Black post. (Columbia, S.C.) 1977-198?
Black star. (Columbia, S.C.) 1977-198?
Black sun. (Columbia, S.C.) 1977-current
Black times. (Columbia, S.C.) 1977-198?
Black views. (Columbia, S.C.) 1977-????
Black voice. (Columbia, S.C.) 1977-198?
The business newspaper. (Columbia, S.C.) 1978-1979
Camp Jackson click. (Camp Jackson, S.C.) 1918-19??
Carolina Afro-weekly. (Columbia, S.C.) 1969-1974
The Carolina free press. (Columbia, S.C.) 1923-1924
Carolina free press. (Columbia, S.C.) 1930-1940
Carolina panorama. [volume] (Columbia, S.C.) 1978-????
The Carolina plain dealer : Columbia supplement. (Columbia, S.C.) 1970-197?
Carolina telegraph. (Columbia, S.C.) 1816-1817
The Carolina tribune. (Columbia, S.C.) 19??-????
Christian neighbor. (Columbia, S.C.) 1868-1901
The Christian soldier. (Columbia, S.C.) 1898-1900
The church herald. (Spartanburg, S.C.) 1881-1884
The citizen. (Columbia, S.C.) 1983-1984
The Columbia advertiser. [volume] (Columbia, S.C.) 1867-1868
Columbia banner. [volume] (Columbia, S.C.) 1852-1864
The Columbia daily phoenix. [online resource] (Columbia, S.C.) 1865-1865
The Columbia daily phoenix. [volume] (Columbia, S.C.) 1865-1865
The Columbia daily record. [volume] (Columbia, S.C.) 1885-1888
The Columbia daily register. [volume] (Columbia, S.C.) 1875-1898
The Columbia daily sun. (Columbia, S.C.) 1873-1873
The Columbia daily union. [volume] (Columbia, S.C.) 1872-1873
The Columbia free press and hive. (Columbia, S.C.) 1831-1832
The Columbia gazette. [volume] (Columbia [S.C.]) 1794-1794
The Columbia hive. [volume] (Columbia, S.C.) 1832-1837
The Columbia inquirer. (Columbia, S.C.) 1932-1932
The Columbia journal. [volume] (Columbia, S.C.) 1893-1895
The Columbia monitor. [volume] (Columbia, S.C.) 1883-1???
Columbia phoenix. [online resource] (Columbia, S.C.) 1865-1865
Columbia phoenix. [online resource] (Columbia, S.C.) 1865-1865
Columbia phoenix. [volume] (Columbia, S.C.) 1865-1865
Columbia phoenix. [volume] (Columbia, S.C.) 1865-1865
The Columbia record. [volume] (Columbia, S.C.) 1913-1988
The Columbia record. [volume] (Columbia, S.C.) 1889-1891
Columbia semi-weekly record. (Columbia, S.C.) 18??-1???
Columbia semi-weekly union. [volume] (Columbia, S.C.) 1874-1876
The Columbia star. (Columbia, S.C.) 1998-current
The Columbia telescope and southern political and literary register. (Columbia, S.C.) 1821-1822
Columbia telescope, and South Carolina State journal. [volume] (Columbia, S.C.) 182?-1828
Columbia telescope. [volume] (Columbia, S.C.) 1828-1839
Columbia telescope. [volume] (Columbia, S.C.) 1819-1821