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The foghorn. (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 1936-????
The Gulf news. [volume] (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 1890-1???
The Hi-9 news. (Annaville, Tex.) 1954-19??
El horizonte. [volume] (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 1879-????
Languages: Spanish
Island news. (Port Aransas, Tex.) 1983-????
Kingsville record and Bishop news. [volume] (Kingsville, Tex.) 1977-current
Ledger extra. (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 1???-????
La Lomita. (Robstown, Tex.) 19??-????
Languages: English, Spanish
LULAC news / [volume] (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 19??-????
Languages: English, Spanish
Nueces County news. (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 1938-????
The Nueces County record*star. [volume] (Robstown, Corpus Christi, Nueces County, Tex.) 1988-current
Nueces Valley weekly. (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 18??-????
The Nueces valley. [volume] (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 1849-1???
The Nueces valley. [volume] (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 1870-????
El paladin. (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 192?-????
Port Aransas beacon. (Port Aransas, Tex.) 19??-????
The Port Aransas post. (Port Aransas, Tex.) 1911-????
The Port Aransas review. (Port Aransas, Tex.) 1967-19??
Port Aransas south jetty. (Port Aransas, Tex.) 1972-????
El Progresso. (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 193?-19??
Languages: Spanish
The ranchero. [volume] (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 1859-1863
The record. (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 1939-????
Robstown record. (Robstown, Tex.) 1918-1988
Robstown reporter. (Robstown, Tex.) 1910-????
The semi-weekly ledger. [volume] (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 1879-1???
Shopper's guide and tourist greeter. (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 1937-????
The Six points news. (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 19??-????
The Six points star. (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 1941-????
South jetty. (Port Aransas, Tex.) 1971-1972
South Texas news. [volume] (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 1930-????
The South Texas observer. (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 1956-????
Southside today. (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 1987-current
The Sportlight. (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 19??-19??
Tejas news = Noticias. (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 19??-????
Languages: English, Spanish
Texas Gulf Coast Catholic. (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 1970-1979
Texas Gulf Coast register. (Denver, Colo.) 1966-1970
Languages: English, Spanish
Texas Mexican gazette = La gaceta México texana. [volume] (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 194?-????
Languages: English, Spanish
The Texas sun. (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 18??-????
Today. (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 19??-current
El Universal. (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 1???-????
Languages: Spanish
La verdad. [volume] (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 1942-????
Languages: English, Spanish
The Veteran news magazine. [volume] (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 1932-19??
The Voice-chronicle. (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 19??-????
The voice. (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 19??-????
The Weekly current magazine. (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 1970-????
The weekly globe. (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 1891-1???
The weekly sun. (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 1893-????
The Weekly times. [volume] (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 1875-18??
The Weekly valley times. (Corpus Christi, Tex.) 1874-????
The Western star. (Robstown, Tex.) 197?-1988