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Abend Post. (Milwaukee, Wis.) 18??-1897
Languages: German
The advance. (Bay View [i.e. Milwaukee], Wis.) 1915-1???
The American courier. (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1939-194?
American freeman. (Milwaukie [i.e. Milwaukee], Wis.) 1844-1848
The American leader. (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1935-1936
Atlas. (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1858-1861
Languages: German
Banner und Volksfreund. (Milwaukie [i.e. Milwaukee, Wis.]) 1855-1880
Languages: German
Basar-Zeitung. (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1916-1916
Languages: German
Beobachter. [volume] (West Bend, Wis.) 1888-1910
Languages: German
Der Botschafter. [volume] (Schleisingerville [i.e. Slinger], Wis.) 1897-1917
Languages: English, German
The Bulletin. (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1971-19??
Chicago daily tribune. (Chicago, Ill.) 18??-1???
Commercial advertiser. (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1849-1852
The commercial herald. (Milwaukie [i.e. Milwaukee, Wis.]) 1844-1844
Commercial herald. (Milwaukie, W.T. [i.e. Milwaukee, Wis.]) 1843-1843
Community press. (Milwaukee, Wis.) 19??-1???
The community press. (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1935-1935
The daily advertiser. (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1874-1874
The daily commercial times. (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1874-1878
Daily free Democrat. (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1850-1856
The daily journal. (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1882-1883
Daily life. (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1861-1865
The daily national. (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1859-1859
Daily people's press and news. (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1860-1860
The Daily people's press. (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1860-1860
The daily reporter. [volume] (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1898-current
The Daily Republican-sentinel. (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1882-1882
The daily review. (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1887-1889
The Daily sentinel. [volume] (Milwaukie [i.e. Milwaukee, Wis].) 1844-1844
The Daily West Bend news. (West Bend, Wis.) 1970-1972
The daily Wisconsin news. (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1921-1924
Danskeren. [microfilm reel] (Neenah, Wis.) 1892-1920
Languages: Danish
Danskeren. [microfilm reel] (Neenah, Wis.) 1892-1920
Languages: Danish
Danskeren. [volume] (Neenah, Wis.) 1892-1920
Languages: Danish
Deutscher Beobachter. [volume] (West Bend, Wis.) 1879-1887
Languages: German
East side herald. (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1955-1???
Evening courier. (Milwaukee, W.T. [i.e. Wisconsin]) 1847-1847
The evening sentinel. [volume] (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1917-1924
Evening signal. [volume] (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1879-1880
Evening Wisconsin and daily news. (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1918-1918
Events. (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1897-1897
Excelsior! [volume] (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1883-1946
Languages: German
The Farmers' sentinel. (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1???-1906
Fram. [volume] (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1894-1897
Languages: Norwegian
Germania-Herold. (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1913-1918
Languages: German
Germania. (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1873-1918
Languages: English, German
Germania. (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1873-1897
Languages: German
The Germantown banner-press. [volume] (Germantown, Wis.) 1979-current
The Germantown press. [volume] (Germantown, Wis.) 1975-1979
Hartford press. [volume] (Hartford, Wis.) 1867-1868